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Saint Quotes Are the Tacos of Catholicism

In a sleep deprived state, my mind made one of the strangest realizations I have ever had: There must be something in Catholicism that is comparable to tacos. After consulting with my fellow writers, I have decided that Saint quotes are the tacos of Catholicism.



With tacos, you have the shell (either hard or soft), meat, cheese, lettuce, hot sauce and potentially many other toppings. Saint quotes have amazing layers like this too: the straightforwardness of the words alone, the deeper level that be attained by meditating upon it, universal relevance, a profound truth, and potentially wit. A good taco and a good Saint quote will have many layers.


People Who Don’t Like Them Are Confusing

You love tacos and Saint quotes, and you love sharing them with others. When someone you know does not like one of those, it is hard to comprehend.

But……you…..don’t…………it????…….BUT WHY?!?


You Can’t Have Just One


I’m just going to eat one taco……….said no one ever.

Likewise, when it comes to reading words spoken or written by the Saints, we do not read just one quote. We read many because we need their words of wisdom and inspiration.


If It Has Been Awhile, You Start to Crave One

I have not exactly pinned it down just yet, but there is a specific period of time wherein I need to devour a taco. If I don’t get some tacos in that time period, it becomes a dire need for tacos. Every time I feel hunger, my mind goes to tacos. My obsession does not go into remission until I get some tacos. When I do finally get my tacos, I gobble them up with great fervor.

Read the previous paragraph again, but this time whenever you see the word “taco” replace it with “Saint quote.”


Some Cause a Movement Within

If I’m going to have my favorite tacos in Sioux Falls, I have to make sure I don’t have any major plans in the next 24 hours just in case of any poorly timed bowel movements.

Just as tacos have a tendency to move swiftly through our digestive system, so too do great Saint quotes have a tendency to move swiftly through our soul, resulting in a purgation of waste.


They’re Better Late at Night

Tacos at noon? Awesome. Tacos at midnight? Super-freaking awesome. Late-nights tacos are the bomb.

If you’re like me, your mind wanders at night and can take you to some deep places. So, when one encounters a Saint quote late at night it can have the ability to move me in a way not possible during the day.


Questions for Reflection:

  • Where are the best tacos in my city?
  • Which Saint is my favorite for finding dynamite quotes?
  • How long has it been since I’ve eaten a taco?
  • How long has it been since I’ve read a Saint quote?
  • Have I ever tried to combine eating tacos with reading Saint quotes? Why am I not doing this right now?