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Padre Pio is the Ultimate Superhero of All the Saints

In my years doing youth ministry, one ice breaker question I’ve asked is: “If there’s a superhero power you could have, what would it be?”

I’ve asked this to totally different groups and I seem to always get a smart kid who says towards the end, “I’d have the power to absorb everyone else’s powers.”

Saint Padre Pio was this kind of saint that had many gifts from God whereas other saints were known to only have one of these gifts.

Here are five of his incredible gifts and superpowers, but there are more! We won’t even get into his stigmata, his incorruptible body, and his ability to bilocate and levitate!


1. The power of perfume

Pio was well known to many people for giving off this scent because he was that close to Jesus. This is a good reminder of Jesus’ sweet love for us.

Speaking of Jesus being sweet, Saint Bonaventure said a prayer: “Pierce, O most sweet Lord Jesus, my inmost soul with the most joyous and healthful wound of Thy love.”


2. The power of conversion 

There were thousands of conversions thanks to Pio, but there’s one testimony: “I now enjoy true peace of soul, I now know the true God. For this I am grateful to you, for I owe you so much, and to Padre Pio I owe everything!”

As Catholics, we believe in a lifelong, ongoing conversion. We can pray to Pio for intercession on our journey of faith!


3. The power of healing

The number of these cures are great in number. One story is of Maria Panisi, who had tuberculosis. Pio visited her and said, “What do you mean by saying you are sick? Your lungs are made of steel!”

Move over Superman, Man of Steel!


4. The power of discernment 

This incredible saint could read consciences and let people know what they were not confessing.

Step aside, Professor Xavier.


5. The power of prophecy 

Pio’s predictions were so amazing, he was clear even on dates events would occur. He used this gift for spiritual benefits such as telling a man to repent before dying on this particular day.

Doctor Strange, you’re not the only future seer.

While these may be amazing gifts, let’s remember the Giver of these good gifts. Ultimately, God gives us each special graces, gifts, and powers to use for His kingdom. Padre Pio is an incredibly, saintly example for us as we strive to focus on God and not just on the gifts He gives.

Saint Padre Pio, pray for us!