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Saints You’ll Need to Survive Your Summer

Summer can be a chaotic, wonderful time of travel, family, friends, destinations, and a whole lot of fun! But don’t leave our friends the saints at home. Here are some saints who can help you out and be good companions during vacation.


St. Christopher

Can’t go wrong with the patron saint of travel!


St. Anthony

For when you lose your suitcase….or your way!


St. Nicolas of Myra

Invoke him against being robbed while touring new places


St. Erasmus (Elmo)

Because he once had hot pokers stuck in his intestines as a form of torture, invoke him against seasickness and stomach problems (and colic!)– very good when taking a cruise or trying new foods


St. Adjutor

He is the patron saint of swimmers and boaters an invoked against drowning. Perfect for all your water-destinations or just for a visit to the pool!


St. John Nepomucene

He is invoked for all things having to do with water because he was martyred by being thrown into a river. When he had drowned, a strange light and seven stars appeared above the place where he drowned.


St. Joseph of Cupertino

Pray to him as you board an airplane and for your pilot. He is the patron of these things because he was often seen levitating!


St. Frances of Rome

Invoke her before you start a road trip– she’s the patron saint of cars and drivers! Legend has it that an angel used to light her way to keep her safe from hazards.


St. Barbara

Patron saint of fireworks! She’s a great friend to have on hand if you’re going to visit an amusement park.


St. Frances Cabrini

She’s another good saint to get to know before you take a road trip; invoke her against car troubles!


St. John Gualbert

A great saint to take on a trip to the forest or a national park, as he is the patron of forests, parks, and park rangers.


St. George

Although known for battling a dragon, St. George is also the patron saint of camping and hiking!

Wherever you go, whatever you do this summer, there is a saint to walk with you. Happy and safe summer travels!