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Searched “Catholic” on BuzzFeed and Here’s What I Found

BuzzFeed is known for its funny articles and sometimes controversial news stories, so I wanted to find out what they had on Catholics. I typed “Catholic” in the search bar and these are the best of what came up.


15 Regular Words That Have Different Meanings for Catholic School Kids

Stole vs Stole is particularly right on


15 Things That’ll Make Anyone Raised Catholic Say, “Holy Sh*t, That’s My Mom”

That “flyer” is a bulletin, BuzzFeed


37 Catholic Memes That’ll Make You Laugh, Then Feel Sinfully Guilty

Get thee to the confessional! But not really, these are actually funny


18 Things Catholic Twentysomethings Want You to Know Aren’t True

Coming from BuzzFeed, this is pretty great


38 Things Catholic Girls Love

I do love watching Disney movies while eating a Filet-O-Fish sandwich perusing saint names…


21 Frustrations That Were Too Real for Anyone Raised Catholic 

Getting all my exercise during the holy dance of the Mass


6 Comics You’ll Only Get if You’re Catholic

These are actually quite funny and very well-done!


While BuzzFeed also has a lot of articles that lean heavily on the anti-Catholic side and support a culture that the Catholic Church doesn’t, these ones are some good funny-takes of what life as a Catholic is like (or at least looks like to those on the outside!).