Searched "Catholic Dog Pictures"--Results Were Absolutely HILARIOUS! – EpicPew

Searched “Catholic Dog Pictures”–Results Were Absolutely HILARIOUS!

“Call Me Ugly, and I Will Excommunicate You.”


Pope Dog, the Cool Cat


Apparently, We Need to Re-Evangelize Dogs…..?


This Little Guy Always Prays Before Enjoying a Tasty Treat


“But Saint Roch, If You Don’t Tell Me I’m a Good Boy, How Will I Know I Am One?”


Can’t even make the jokes I want to about this one


About to Bark Her Final Vows


“Saint Vitus, May We Have a Treat?”


“Saint Roch, You MUST Throw That Giant Stick, and I Must Fetch It!”


“Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned. My Last Confession Was Seven Dog Years Ago. These Are My Sins: I Stole a Piece of Chicken of the Kitchen Counter When My Owner Wasn’t Looking…”


“Went Through Eight Years of Seminary, and No One Noticed I Was a Dog.”


“Would You Like to Join Our Bible Study? WE HAVE TREATS!”


“Yes, Mr. President, I Can Infallibly Say That Your Dogs Are Very Fluffy.”


“Tee Hee Hee, How Does He Even See?”


“A Female Cardinal?…..Wait a Minute, I’m Not Really the Pope, Am I?”


Cosplay Game On Point


Oh You Know, Just Chilling in Bishop Jenky’s Palms


“Brothers, I Have Found Fish for Our Fish Fry on Friday”


Protestant Dogs Not Allowed


“Seriously, Guys? My Mitre is Paper, and My Vestments Are Only a Blanket. How Am I Supposed to Excommunicate Cats Dressed Like This? No One Is Going to Believe That I’m Actually the Pope.”


Classic Pun From a Husky


I Need This Book


Don’t Worry, Vacuum Cleaners. He’s Not Really the Pope


Father Fido, Did You Forget Your Collar Again?


“No, Brother Richard, I Will Not Fist Bump You”


“Is This Going in the Church Directory, Father?”




This Dog Is Named After G.K. Chesterton!


Get to Confession and Avoid This Awkwardness!


Apparently, Pongo and Perdita Are Catholic


“I Don’t Care If It Is Holy Water. I Don’t Like Being Wet!”


“We’re Saving This Pew for Our Owners.”


Baby and Dog Share a Joke


“Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen, St. Roch. It’s Not Gonna Happen.”


This Dog Knows How You Ladies Feel


Snuggles with the Word of God


“Saint Francis, Pray for Me!”


“Hey, Pope Francis, How ‘Bout a Piggy Back Ride?”


“Oh my gosh, Carl! You Wore Your Superman Costume to Pet Blessing? You Are so Embarrassing…”