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Simple Way to Honor Mary More + Tips to Grow in Faith

Mary is not only the mother of Jesus, but she is also our mother. October is a special and beautiful month devoted to Mary as Our Lady of the Rosary is celebrated on October 7th. For this reason, October is a month dedicated to Our Lady, and rightfully so.

Ways to honor our mother as a family

Your family can show greater love for Mary both in October and beyond in simple ways. Love of Mary is a profound and wonderful way to honor Jesus as she is always pointing to her son. Mary loves Jesus, and her only wish is that we love him, too. Here are ways you and your family can offer special dedication to her.

Aspirations to Mary

The easiest and most realistic way to honor Mary more are simple aspirations to her. Aspirations are short phrases and words spoken from the heart which we can do during the day at anytime to honor her. Words such as: Mary pray for us, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph pray for us, or We love you Mary, are ways we can show love toward her. Again, she is always pointing us to Jesus, so these words are ways we can love her son in the greatest and most profound of ways. She is with you.

The Rosary

The best way ever to honor Mary is to pray the holy rosary with your family or individually. The Rosary is a prayer of the gospel of Christ as each mystery speaks of Jesus’ life and mission. In praying the Rosary, we are asking for the Lord to be with us and to guide us. Daily rosary is a way both you and your family can not only love Mary but most of all love Jesus each day. It is also an avenue of intercession for others when we pray our Rosary. When children are taught at a young age this devotion, it carries over into the teen years and into adulthood. The Rosary is not just a treasure for individuals, but for families who wish to grow together in faith.

Share her with others

Mary is the mother of all. There are many Catholics and Christians who do not understand this devotion. In sharing this way of prayer with those who are confused about why we pray to and love Mary, it is a way to honor her more. Do not be afraid to share your love and dedication to her with friends and family. It is another way to offer Our Lady more love.

Continue learning about Mary and being devoted to her each day. She will help you and your family to grow in faith, hope, and most of all love. October is a beautiful month to re-dedicate your prayer time and ask for her intercession. Remember that she is a merciful mother, and she points us to her own beloved son whom she continues to love for all time. The love they share is open to all of us. It is their wish that we celebrate this love in all that we do. Let us pray with them.

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