17 Singers and Songwriters You Didn’t Know Are Catholic

1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s parents are both Catholics, and she was raised in the faith. She is still practicing today, and is known to have worn a ‘promise ring.’

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  • Caroline Bardenhagen

    Anne Hathaway was Fantine in Les Mis.

  • smk629

    Shaun – I understand Anne Hathaway has abandoned her Faith, sadly. She objects to the Church’s stance on homosexual. Her brother is homosexual, and this is why she has fallen away. Maybe someday she will return to us.

  • Emmy

    Anne Hathaway has stated, in at least one interview, that she and her parents left the Catholic faith because it wasn’t accepting of her brother’s homosexuality — her words, not me.

  • Cathy D

    Have you heard Harry Connick doing a promo for Catholic Answers Live? I have!