You Have to Watch Poland's 21st Annual Skiing Priest Competition

You Have to Watch Poland’s 21st Annual Skiing Priest Competition

Priests and seminarians have gathered in Wisla, Poland to participate in the 21st annual Pope John Paul II skiing cup.

Pope St. John Paul II was an avid skier and was once overheard saying, “It’s unbecoming for a cardinal to ski badly.”

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Seminarians, priests, and even priests from other denominations gather to ski and to set examples of not only how to pray but how to relax and enter into honest competition. The oldest competitor this year is Father Wladyslaw Nowobilski at 76 years young.

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Here’s a picture of Catholic priests warming up back in 2011. (Photo credit Pawel Ulatowski/AFP/Getty Images).

You have to watch this video of this year’s competition. We think John Paul the Great would be proud!