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There’s still time left for the Epic Holiday Giveaway (see Rafflecopter below as well). These 5 books, generously sponsored by Sophia Institute Press, are going to have a new owner on Friday, and that could be you. Here’s a quick synopsis of each from the site.

Spiritual Handbook for Catholic Evangelists: How to Win Souls Without Losing Your Own – Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard

Nearly a century ago, the Trappist monk Jean-Baptiste Chautard sat in the silence of his cell and wrote this classic book, showing us how to live in the noise and bustle of the world and to win more souls for Christ.

Praised by Pope St. Pius X, Pope Benedict XV, and by many cardinals and bishops, Spiritual Handbook for Catholic Evangelists was an instant hit when it was first published in 1912, and has since been read with gratitude by hundreds of thousands of busy parents, teachers, preachers, catechists, and other Christians working in the world to save souls without losing their own. [read more…]

What Went Wrong With Vatican II: The Catholic Crisis Explained – Dr. Ralph McInerny

Dr. Ralph McInerny here reveals the causes of the devastation in the Church. You’ll discover that Vatican II didn’t:

  • Teach a new Faith
  • Do away with Tradition
  • Set up a new, democratic Church
  • Give Catholics permission to disagree with the Church in the name of conscience.

Read this dramatic narrative to learn how the council was hijacked and how interpretation of its decrees has been controlled since then by Catholics with an agenda different from what the council taught. Best of all, you’ll learn from Ralph McInerny what must be done now to take back the council and the Church. [read more…]

(being a student of the Second Vatican Council, this is one of my personal favorites)

Pope Awesome and Other Stories: How I found God, Had Kids, and Lived to Tell the Tale – Cari Donaldson

Six children in ten years have banished all her hopes for a tidy secular life, and, in her upscale town, where “Cats, not kids” bumper stickers are seen, have raised countess eyebrows along the way. Undaunted, Cari declares that “If we’re to be a traveling carnival freak-show by New England standards, then we’re going to be a carnival freak-show for Jesus,” although her husband has stopped her from airbrushing onto her van a mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe riding a unicorn over a sparkling river.

Above all, Cari tells of the awakening of her love for the Eucharist, the deepening of her love for her husband and her children, and the humility and faith these experiences have nurtured in her. [read more…]

One Minute Aquinas: The Doctor’s Quick Answers to Fundamental Questions – Dr. Kevin Vost

25 popes consider St. Thomas Aquinas the Church’s preeminent theologian because he saw truths about God, our Faith, and the Christian life which had never been seen before.

But do you have time to read the 3,000 pages in his Summa Theologica? Do you struggle to understand the abstract theological terms he uses in On Being and Essence? Perhaps you, like so many of us, desire to be taught by such a great philosopher as Aquinas, but feel he is well beyond your reach. Not anymore. [read more…]

Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching: A Defense of the Church’s True Teaching on Marriage, Family, and the State – Anthony Elosen

Esolen pulls back the curtain on these false philosophers, showing how they’ve undermined the authentic teachings of the Church in order to neutralize the biggest threat to their plans for secularization — the Catholic Church.

Esolen explains that Catholic Social Teaching isn’t focused exclusively on serving the poor. Indeed, it offers us a rich treasure of insights about the nature of man, his eternal destiny, the sanctity of marriage, and the important role of the family in building a coherent and harmonious society. [read more…]

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