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Spiritual Warfare and Winning the Battle for Your Soul

There is a war raging, but it’s not happening in Afghanistan or Iran or even North Korea: it’s much broader than these locations. This is a one on one battle, up close and personal: the battle for your soul.

It has been going on since the beginning of time and even Jesus himself came to fight for you and won. But it’s not enough, because we must discern ourselves if we will follow Jesus in the battle or turn and give into the fight. This is where acclaimed spiritual author Dan Burke gives us the guide and steps used by the saints to win their own war against the devil. In Spiritual Warfare and Discernment of Spirits, we learn how to recognize sin and evil, along with the steps to battle and win against evil. Here is just one of the ways to win, discerning good spirits from evil ones.

Three sources of inspiration

First there is the “Good Spirits” which are our consolation, are sent by God and lead us to Him. Then the “Bad Spirits” which cause desolation and seek to do us harm. Then there’s us, with our addictions, beliefs, desires, strengths and weaknesses. We can either “amplify spiritual consolidation and desolation” based up our choices.

Process for discernment

First, we must be aware of where we are in the spectrum of consolidation or desolation. We need to know if we are in a place of living according to God or if we are living according to the world. Then we need to understand what it is that is leading us to or away from God. Are we spending time in Adoration or skipping Sunday Mass because kids soccer is scheduled. Finally, we need to take action by either resisting the actions of the bad spirits or embrace the movements of the good spirits. Simple right? I don’t think so.

St. Ignatius as our guide

We can look to the saints and how they fought and won the battle for their souls. St. Ignatius was the worst of the worst, until he was forced into military retirements by a cannonball. He realized when he lived in the world, he struggled and was unsatisfied. But as he drew closer to God, he was consoled and comforted.

Satan is always at work breeding sadness and anxiety while providing obstacles that prevent souls from making spiritual progress. In this concise yet powerful book, Spiritual Warfare and the Discernment of Spirits, author Dan Burke presents the venerable, time-tested wisdom of Catholic mystics to help you understand the influence of the Enemy on your mind and heart, and the tactics you need to combat him.