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Still in the Gift-Giving Mood? Here are Some Ideas That Should Last All Year

Maybe you gave the wrong gift or just want to keep giving. Here are some ideas that will last a while.

Memberships to a museum

Whether it’s a children’s museum, science museum or an art museum, experiences of explorations of learning something new or viewing a magnificent piece of artwork is a wonderful way to learn more about the world that God created.

Membership to a zoo

Zoos are wonderful places to just relax and see God’s creation of animals that we don’t easily get to see in the wild, sometimes up close and personal. I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan on going on an African safari any time soon, but I certainly can see the amazing animals of Africa at my local zoo. When you have a membership, you don’t feel pressured to see the entire zoo, but can enjoy one region at a time.

Concerts, Plays, Orchestra, Operas, Symphonies

The arts aren’t for everyone, but for anyone who does love enjoying listening to the talents and gifts that God gives to us, these are the gifts for them.

[Thing] of the month clubs

These are the gifts that keep giving throughout the year, they have anything from fruits to beers to plants. Just do a quick search for subscription gifts or check out this post for Catholic subscription boxes.

Donate in their name

Do you know someone with a charity that is near and dear to their heart? Why not give their gift as a donation in their name, that way they know that you care about what are passionate about and your gift can help someone else who benefits from what the charity does.

Gift cards

“They” say this generation would rather have gift cards that they can spend on what they want or need. If someone is struggling with putting food on the table, why not a grocery store gift card, or a gas card for their car. While some gift cards can be for frivolous gifts, some can be a real blessing to someone and their family. Try to find the real need for the person you are gifting to, whether that be a physical need of food, clothing or gas, or maybe a spiritual need to a local Catholic or Christian gift store.

Coupon book of time

Instead of spending money on gifts that may just sit on a shelf, how about creating a ‘coupon book’ of spending time with a loved one.

It can be anything from cleaning the house so they can do something else, to a long walk or a cup of coffee together, think of things that either bring you close together with another person or give them the time so they can get other things done. As a mom, I know I would appreciate having some of the everyday chores done so that I can do the other things I enjoy or would like to do but don’t have time to get to it.

Share your talents

Are you good at something that someone else could benefit from? If you rock meal planning, why not put together a binder of meals for a month (or more) and the weekly grocery lists to make those meals? Or how about sharing your couponing tricks? Are you a programmer who could write a website for someone who is trying to get an online business presence? Sharing your God-given talents with someone else who might be struggling with a problem could turn into a huge blessing to them. (if you need a good start, a friend of mine just published a meal planning book!)

Have a Mass said

Go to your local parish, or call their parish, and have a Mass said for them or someone they may have lost. Parishes may ask for a small donation to be put onto the schedule, but it is very small compared to the spiritual blessings you will be giving them. You also can donate to a perpetual society that will continue to say prayers for that loved one.

We don’t need to spend a lot of money to be a blessing to someone else. Jesus wants us to build relationships not just give things for his birthday. He gave the gift of healing, both spiritual and physical, not just something for his followers to place in their homes. Let’s be that blessing to someone else this holiday season.

These are a few of the many ‘out of the box’ gift ideas that can be put together quickly and can bring more meaning into the gift. Share your best ideas too!