#SuperBowlintheConvent Was the Best Part of Super Bowl 52 – EpicPew

#SuperBowlintheConvent Was the Best Part of Super Bowl 52

Two years ago, Sister Miriam James from the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity spent the entire Super Bowl 50 doing play-by-play tweets with her fellow sister, Sister Mary.

“We started it a couple of years ago just for fun, and then it grew from there,” she told the Huffington Post. They had so much fun that they tweeted during Super Bowl 51 last year, too. The sisters came back for Super Bowl 52 and they didn’t disappoint.

“We love to laugh and hopefully bring people joy (while watching the Eagles win),” Sister Miriam says. It sure brought us joy here at Epic Pew!

If you missed the #superbowlintheconvent because you were too busy watching the Eagles win, you can find all the tweets today on Twitter. Here are some of our favorite tweets below!














Even more exciting than the Super Bowl was watching Catholic react to the sassy sisters. Some even commented that seeing the joy in the sisters’ lives encouraged them to go back to Mass! Now that’s a real win.