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The Blood of Jesus: Making the Most of the Devotion

Are you looking to become closer to the Lord? There is a Litany of the Most Precious Blood, and it is special prayer in honor of his blood poured out. This is a great way to grow in love of God through this devotion. The litany offers reflections on the agony of Christ’s death and how his blood was poured out for souls. It is beautiful, however, not enough people know about it. We Catholics can pray, meditate, and reflect upon his suffering with this in mind, plus, we can spread awareness so others may know. Praying upon his suffering helps us to understand his heart in greater ways, but this effort for evalgelization needs our help. Below are a few ways to reflect during the month of July for his sake and to tell others. Devotion to his precious blood is centuries old, and it is worth keeping alive.

Pray the Litany of the Most Precious Blood

The Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus is a prayer which can be prayed at any time of year. This prayer has special significance in July or in the summer months as it is devoted to his precious blood. Now is the time to start. Some of the verses of the prayer speak of his blood being the victor over demons and the courage of martyrs. Jesus is the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, and the ending prayer speaks of this. The litany may be prayed after Mass, at home, in adoration, or anywhere. Take the time to pray this devotion during the month of July and beyond. It will help you to grow closer to Christ. The devotion will help you to understand his will. Even more so, it helps us to grow in love of him.

Make Sacrifices for Others

We, his followers can make sacrifices for others out of love for him. There may be a temptation to make sacrifices in a mundane fashion, but this is not the manner in which to do it. Keeping in mind our love for him while doing charitable acts is a way to better way accomplish this. Jesus smiles upon us when we do good for the sake of love. There is no better way to follow Jesus than to make sacrifices for others. We can do this out of love for him. Living in this way helps us to be missionary disciples.

Spreading the Word

Another way do a charitable act in the month of July for the sake of the blood of Christ is to tell others about this devotion. There are specific devotional prayers which can be prayed, but most of all it is a prayerful awareness of his sacrifice. Praying the Litany of the Most Precious Blood is a unique way to pray with and for the lord. It is a way of spreading awareness of the devotion of his sacrifice.

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Take the time with your family or friends to make the yearly devotion a part of your prayer life. Keep it with you throughout the year, but do it out of love for our lord. Know that God loves you infinitely. He gave his blood and life for you. Your devotion offers love for him and gives greater meaning to the love he continues to pour out for all of humanity. Never give up in loving him with all your heart and that of his precious blood.

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