The Catholic’s Survival Guide to Internet Trolls


There’s so many blogs and articles posted every day, but someone is always the unlucky victim

The minute you get a good idea

They find you

And the blog/article you spent hard earned hours creating is beautiful

But is short lived fun

You’re flying high,

and then you crash

I’m talking about blog trolls

They have a code:

They ruin everything

As soon as you post, they come right back

You CAN NOT catch them!

If you get angry it backfires

They’re so annoying

Their moves are simple, yet you’re wondering how they did it

Commenting back to them just digs you in deeper

And you can almost see them loving every moment

And when they get their friends in on it…

It can be like an avalanche

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Even trying to put out a fire on someone else’s site doesn’t work

The minute you think you’ve got your base covered, you don’t

You’re picking the wrong fight

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A couple of things work rather well, though

Troll them back (trolls hate trolls)

Let them defeat themselves


Wait for reciprocity to kick in

People eventually get caught

Just make sure you know what you’re doing, or else…

Be silent, say nothing, even if you think you can’t

Ignore them

No matter what, by the time the argument is over, you’re like, “Did I win?”

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