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The People Every Catholic Meets at Daily Mass

No matter where you attend daily Mass, there are some stereotypical characters you see. These are those people.

The senior citizen who doesn’t work for the parish, but they might as well start paying them

They are always there and always volunteering. Some people become shocked when they learn he/she does not actually work there.

The one who sits at the back, never receives Communion, sneaks out as soon as the priest gives the final blessing, but is still there every day

You’re not sure what their story is, but you’re dying to know. Unfortunately, they never stay long enough for anyone to ask. Stay! We’d love to get to know you!

The ginormous family who homeschools their kids

They take up an entire pew and are adorable. All of them receive Communion on the tongue, even the little ones. The dad isn’t always there, but even when he isn’t, the mom shows no fear hauling all twenty-five of her kids into Mass by herself.

The old guy who does not give one flying flip about fashion

This guy rolls into Mass wearing a polo, gym shorts, and socks and sandals. He looks terrible. But, you know what? He’s old. He can do what he wants.

The young man who is definitely NOT a seminarian

Stop asking!

The person who has no idea what they’re doing

We’re glad this person goes to Mass, but it is clear they have never gone to Mass before. We’re not scary; ask us for help!

The one who definitely does not want to be there

Brought by his wife, his mom, or his friend, whatever it is, it’s clear he’s not completely there and you pray for him.

The priest

Well, duh!

Did we miss any? Whom do you always see at daily Mass?