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The Spiritual Work of Mercy in Forgiving All Injuries

In family life, there are various occasions to exercise the spiritual work of mercy of forgiving all injuries. This is one of the most important of the spiritual works of mercy because it is something that needs to be done often. Every day there are occasions where we must bear all injuries with patience. Forgiveness is not an easy aspect of being a Christian, but it is one that Christ instructs us to do often. This includes not holding grudges and having the ability with God’s help to forgive those who have hurt us.

What is forgiveness?

When Jesus hung on the cross for the salvation of all the sins of the world, he asked his father to “forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34). In the same way when we make it a point to forgive others, we are asking God to forgive them as well. Often in life when we are wronged, it is difficult to find answers as to why bad things happen to good people. Sin affects all our lives since people continue to do hurtful things to one another causing sadness and pain.

Forgiveness is when we imitate Christ as he has forgiven others. When we do this, we experience God’s love in a unique way by offering up the pain and sorrow caused by other people. We can also teach others to do the same, and this is a spiritual work of mercy as well.

Exercising forgiveness daily

The spiritual work of mercy of forgiving all injuries is something one can do daily to come closer to the lord and to do his will. With God’s help we can surrender painful memories asking him to heal our hearts. Healing is always an ongoing process as we live in a world affected by sin. Forgiving injuries daily both big and small is a way to live as ministers of reconciliation in the world which brings about the peace. This is a peace that only Christ can give.

Forgiveness frees us from bitterness

Being freed from bitterness and the grief that accompanies it is a gift given to us from God. This gift comes through prayer and perseverance. This spiritual work of mercy is primary to the healing so needed in our world.

To be freed from the sadness of unforgiveness, we must pray and ask the lord for his spirit and guidance. Most times, it is not an overnight process, forgiveness takes time, so be patient.

Living in the present moment and resting in the love of God helps us to move forward in forgiving all injuries daily. In God’s time, we learn to let go of past hurts and to forgive ourselves as well. Often forgiving ourselves is even harder than forgiving others.

Day by day, through prayer and trust in God, forgiving all injuries will become more possible in your life. It is done through deep trust in God, his will, and in surrendering any brokenness within your heart. Be blessed.

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