The Struggle of Every Catholic Blogger

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First, Catholic bloggers are awesome

Basketball Freestyle Dunks

We blow minds 

Another Mind Blown

But it can be difficult being a Catholic blogger

There’s a lot of voices

A lot of noise

You always make someone mad

And nobody is moderating

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Whatever it takes to get noticed

MRW I’m playing guitar and my audience of stacked flaming boards aren’t that into it

Even if it’s not our style

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We just want to make something awesome


Mind boggling triangle

Then it hits you


A good idea

When these ideas meet, it’s the bomb


And this is the only possible reaction

We’re just going to clear all the traffic for us

Why is this so fun to watch?

But nobody seems to view it

Displaying VMNjC8b.jpg

It’s perfect

The Future Is Now

Involved so much skill

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We’re ready to see it succeed

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But nobody cared

MRW When I’m out with my drunk gf and best friend and I am sober

No fist bump for you

loneliest no-bump

And people’s reactions were hard to read


Once again, you did something awesome

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Or you think you did something awesome

Make it rain on dem kids

But people downvote it with precision

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Except for one person

Overall pretty sad

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Then the trolls come…

They’re terrible!

Satan is an asshole

They strike from nowhere

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But some days, you win

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And it feels AWESOME!

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And it’s great

So here’s my advice:

You better know what you’re doing

Free your mind

Or you’ll end up looking pretty bad

Don’t be “that” guy/gal

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Let the haters hate

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“Fake it till you make it” will get you in trouble

a magician never reveals his secret

Don’t celebrate too hard, though

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Don’t let your it get to your ego

And have fun


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