The War Men Won’t Fight


It’s not just high heels that men don’t do.  Ingesting Group 1 carcinogens in order to be ready for sex 24/7 is another thing.  For that reason, male hormonal contraception has bombed.

Men won’t take a drug that makes them feel even a little bad. Death and disability has never even entered into the equation– unlike for women–yet still, they have snubbed a male pill.  It’s like they are a bunch of big babies. Or just not stupid.

There are a couple of male contraceptives being tested on animals at this time, which could stop sperm production without impacting hormones levels.  Thus far however, potential hormonal contraceptives for men have been unacceptable due to side effects.   In 2011, one large study was called off due to higher than expected minor side effects such as irritability and acne. Women take the hormonal contraception in the face of life altering changes and even death, yet men won’t sit still for testing if things get uncomfortable. 

Third World Women’s Raw Deal

In the Reproductive Rights and Wrongs: The Global Politics of Population Control, Betsy Hartmann (and she’s no conservative) pointed out that contraceptive programs don’t care about women’s health and safety.  “When concerns are raised, they are quickly dismissed as unimportant compared to the goal of preventing poverty through population control,” Hartmann wrote. Yet, she noted that overpopulation is not the root cause of poverty, but rather government economic programs. Even feminists approach Third World problems with the myth that the pill is good for women.

It is assumed that women usually don’t want to be pregnant.  In reality, undeveloped countries historically have considered children a blessing to help their parents.  Add to that the fact that hormonal contraception prevents the absorption of vitamins and negatively impacts the metabolic system, thereby further malnourishing them.  Some long-acting hormonal methods can also cause bleeding, and cause low iron. 

The Gates—No Friends to Poor Women

In 2012, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation began aggressively getting the Depo Provera long-term hormonal shot to millions of women in Africa and South Asia. Never mind that no evidence supports that population density causes a lack of resources although this is the assumption the Gates Foundation operates under. 

Hartmann stated that population control is used as a substitute for social justice. Clinics operating under incentives even bribe or threaten women to get it. 

Melinda refuses to look at other issues and sees only pregnancy as the problem to be fixed.  While pushing programs that supposedly help women take control of their bodies, women instead are being controlled and their bodies are suffering.

Women Not Fully Alive

A large section of the female population is not fully alive due to the contraception haze involving the soul even more than the body.  Holly Grigg-Spall, author of

Sweetening the Pill: How we Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control arrived at an astounding truth: contraception is really, really, killer bad news.  As a liberal feminist openly hostile to the “religious right,” she’s cool with sex outside of marriage, but as a health reporter, she has documented the evils of contraception for women.

For Holly, however, uncovering this truth is a quandary. Why won’t her people listen to undisputable scientific evidence that contraptions seriously hurt women?  Why do they not care about this war on women?

Holly’s discovery began when she switched from a birth control pill that made her sick to one that made her even sicker. Many of her female friends, acquaintances and entire support groups of women on the Internet also had chronic symptoms from the same birth control pill.

When Holly’s research and collection of personal testimonies convinced her that the pill was killing her, mind, body, and spirit, she went off it and discovered the real Holly. The emotionally volatile, anxious, depressed person she had become through the powerful drugs she was on since a young teen, was not the real her.

Once Holly’s brain no longer felt like it was stuffed with cotton, she began researching and writing about drug companies that preferred to pay millions of dollars in out-of-court settlements rather than risk losing billions by revealing the extent of harm their birth control causes, including permanent disability and death.  As she has tried to expose the horror, the liberal media has largely ignored her. Planned Parenthood also refuses to entertain the possibility that their holy grail—the birth control pill—is a problem.

Holly has only discovered part of the shocking reality.  If she would dig deeper—into the spiritual realm—perhaps all of the pieces would finally fit together for her. Through spiritual eyes, she could come to see that the war on women is being waged with pills, shots, and dangerous devices known to harm them. The message: no cost is too high when it comes to sterile sex on demand.

The religious right has been dismissed by Holly so she still lacks the whole truth–that sex is a gift for men and women and marriage and it that cannot be separated from it’s unitive and creative aspects.  But at least it’s a start for her. Let’s all pray for Holly right now that she stays on the trail of truth all the way to its source: the Catholic Church.


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