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The Worldwide Synod: What Can We Learn?

The Worldwide Synod started in 2021 and ends in 2023. It is an endeavor started by Pope Francis teaching us to walk together as Catholics. The goal is to learn, and to grow in faith. The Synod is an invitation for the entire world to partake by discovering more about ourselves and our identity. We learn what the church is doing well, where it is stagnant, and where it is currently failing. The Disciple Maker Index Survey (or the DMI) is a tool that over 450,000 participated. This number represents those who have taken it worldwide. To date, it is the largest survey of the Catholic Church, ever. The survey has seventy-five questions, and the intention is discovering who we are and what we are doing well. Most of all it helps us to investigate how we can best serve the human family.

The DMI Survey

The Disciple Maker Index’s 75 questions help dioceses, parishes, and leaders to see snapshots. This information offers opinions and feelings toward the church with a goal of greater understanding. The scale used for each question in the survey has a high mark of five and a low grade of one. Questions range from those related to the Mass, the pastor, and liturgy and more. Church welcoming, catechesis, and offerings are discussed too. Like with any survey, not all church-goers participated, however, data is golden. When it comes to analyzing the results to become a better church, understanding is key. The goal of the survey is for the church to be more synodal. To be a church that cares about her people and spreading the gospel is of prime importance.

Moving Forward to Be a Better Church

How can we grow and what can we learn from this two-year process of the Synod? We can move forward together and walking and listening to one another. A synodal church is all about working together, and not giving up in our mission. Moving forward together involves honesty, and a willingness to correct what is able to be corrected. It also involves a highlighting of what is good, and continuing on that journey. Let us learn together during this synodal process. We must pray for the worldwide Catholic community to expand and grow. Loving and serving Jesus and his people is the end goal of this endeavor, and that is worth all the effort.

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