Things Every Holy Apostles Student Understands


1. Populi Rocks

After using blackboard for my graduate degree, and also for my MBA, I can tell you that Populi is a breath of fresh air! It’s like Facebook got together with Dropbox, Evernote, and Blackboard, and had a mind meld. It’s diverse, easy to use, and socially friendly. Populi makes test taking, navigation, file uploading, and being a student on-the-go simple. I was in a marketing focus group where the monitor asked, “what the first thing you picture when you think of HACS.” 4/5 said “The Populi login screen.” That’s a pretty sweet fact.

2. Fr. Mullady knows his stuff

He teaches several courses, most of which are required, so everyone who goes to HACS eventually has the opportunity to study from him. This is meant with the upmost respect: if there were every one person who had the authority to mark you down because you didn’t give an answer exactly like he would, it’s Fr. Mullady. A master of the philosophical thought and likely the greatest Thomist since Ralph McInerny, Fr. Mullady commands the respect of his students. He might not be easy, but he is fair. His courses are hard, but when completed, his students can hold a discussion with the best in their fields.

3. Thank you New Advent!

Life saver. Pure and simple. The Encyclopedia, the Summa, the Church Fathers, the notes and endless resources all on the tip of a key stroke. New Advent is invaluable to students for it’s massive library which Kevin Knight and a team worked very hard to put together.

4. You never look at online learning the same again

Whether it was your first online degree or a second or third, HACS was truly a unique experience. You might not sit next to your classmates, never had to meet a teacher in their office, or visit a registrar, but you’re pretty sure the people you’ve met have your back for life, and you know the relationships you formed will last forever.

5. Do you even read, bro?

I’ve never done so much reading in my life. Truly! If it’s not the several Questions in the Summa Theological one week or several Canto’s from Dante’s Divine Comedy, it’s several chapters from Patrick Madrid – in addition to a 3-hour debate or even Gaudium et Spes in a single week. One’s thing’s for sure, the information sticks!

6. You actually anticipate the next semester’s course schedule

This is seriously like the Catholic nerd’s fantasy draft day. What courses are available? Which one’s might I take? You’ll make pro-con lists, ven-diagrams, and spend all sorts of time in prayer and thinking over which course is the one from you. YES, THE DECISION CAN BE DIFFICULT … but you can do this.

7. You want all your friends to attend

When your friends even hint that they’re going to get a degree in Theology or Philosophy, you stop at nothing to make sure HACS is in the running of choice.

8. You sort of idolize your professors

Madrid, Van Slyke, Redpath, DiMarco, Chervin, Toolin, Mullady and many more … are all household names now.

9. … Dr. Sebastian Mahfood

This guy: #Beastmode 24/7 father and friend to all of us – – will stop at nothing to see every success of the school and of each student. Canonize him now.


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