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Things I Said “I Would Never” Do

Have you ever said, “Well, I would NEVER do that”? Yeah…I say that a lot. You would think I would have learned by now that proclaiming that I will “never” do something is the quickest way for me to actually do it…but apparently, I am a slow learner. I would love to hear what your “I nevers” are. I’m pretty sure this proves that God is hilarious.

1. I said I would never leave Planned Parenthood

I said that A LOT. I loved my job at Planned Parenthood. I was on the retirement track…401K matching program, disability insurance, the whole bit. I was what they called a “lifer.” (I know, I see the irony, too. Why would I ever leave?? But then God showed up…and the rest is history. You can read my story of why I left Planned Parenthood at

2. I said I would never become prolife

Yeah, I wasn’t going to put that label on myself. When I left Planned Parenthood, I knew that I didn’t want my hands in abortion anymore, but I wasn’t willing to say that I was prolife. Prolifers were crazy people with a million kids. That was not me. It was never going to be me.

3. I said I would never pray outside an abortion facility

No. People who did that were strange. By the time I made this proclamation, I had already decided I was prolife…but not one of THOSE prolifers. I wasn’t going to try to talk to people on the sidewalk. Then one day, I was suddenly out there. And then I had to keep going. Now, I am the strange prolifer on the sidewalk.

4. I said I would never write a book

Truth be told, I hate writing. I don’t even know why I signed up to be a regular contributor on this site. I’m a sucker, I guess. I think the trick is that I am easily worn down. You keep asking and I will eventually give in. I was NOT going to write up my whole, long story of how and why I left Planned Parenthood. Well, I did. And I just turned in my manuscript for my second book.

5. I said I would never be against birth control

I remember sitting in an office one day, proclaiming to everyone who would listen that I would NEVER stop believing in birth control. By the way, I was sitting in a room full of prolifers. They all just looked at me and smiled. Two months later, I was at my doctor proclaiming that birth control was wrong. Geez.

6. I said I would never become Catholic

A bunch of papist, idol worshiping, non-Bible believing, anti-reason crazy people. That’s what Catholics were to me. No, I was never becoming Catholic. All of my Catholic friends were nuts if they thought they were going to drag me into one of their churches. I was confirmed Easter 2012.

7. I said I would never use NFP

You know what they call people who use NFP? Parents. I was not going to be one of those people. I saw them outside of my abortion facility…the whole lot of them. Women who seemed perpetually pregnant. I was not going to be one of those women. Then I started using NFP…then I became an NFP instructor.

8. I said I would never have a bunch of kids

What was wrong with these breeders? Why did they want so many kids? Do they just not like having any free time? I was happy with my one little girl. I was never going to have any more. Never. Now I have four…and three under 28 months…and counting. Hi, my name is Abby and I am officially a breeder.

9. I said I would never drive a mini-van

This kind of partners with number 6. I was never going to need a mini-van, because I could happily drive a Mustang with just one child. I am a cool person. Cool people don’t drive mini-vans. Trading my car in for a mini-van was the best thing I have ever done. Now we are looking at a 12 passenger van. I lost my cool card a LONG time ago. I actually think it was around the time I became one of those papist Catholics.


What did you say you’d never do?