This Flowchart Will Tell You When Cooperation with Evil is Immoral


[ Update 2016-03-06: The graphic below is slightly revised from the original, primarily for aesthetic reasons. Available as a 12″x33″ poster. ]

Imagine you own a custom t-shirt shop, and you are approached by a customer asking you to print her shirts that say “LEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE”. What would you do? What are you obliged to do, if anything?

Or perhaps you really like a particular web browser, but then the company that built that browser starts to publicly advocate for no limits on abortions. What do you do? What should you do?

Maybe your buddy has asked to borrow your car after he received a suggestive txt from his girlfriend. Can you give him the keys? Should you refuse?

These are all questions related to the concept of cooperation with evil, and the graphic below is meant to help you understand how a Catholic moral theologian would begin to answer these questions.

Cooperate with Evil?

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