This Hilarious Card Game Will Keep You In Holy Stitches (and Out of Confession)! – EpicPew

This Hilarious Card Game Will Keep You In Holy Stitches (and Out of Confession)!

Do you like to have fun? Do you like playing games with friends? Are you a little sassy or does your humor skew a little snarky? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you will love The Catholic Card Game.

Gameplay is similar to the game Apples-to-Apples but instead of red and green cards, there are white and yellow ones—yes, like the Vatican flag! Each round, a judge reads a yellow card aloud and lays it face up. The other players then choose white cards to finish the prompt on the yellow and lay their cards face down. The judge chooses the white card he or she likes best and that player collects the yellow card. The object of the game is to collect seven yellow cards before anyone else.

Yellow card prompts like “[blank] keeps me from prayer” or “You know you’re Catholic when you love talking about [blank]” leaving room for humor, imagination, and shenanigans in general. White cards deliver just as much oomf with answers like “Whispering ‘sinner’ at people on the street”, “The three wise men getting into a scuffle”, and “Holding hands with my crush during the Lord’s Prayer.” There are some extra relatable cards, too, like “Genuflecting at the movie theater.” We’ve probably all done that far more times than we’d like to admit! There are also different expansion packs to keep the cards extra fresh and funny.

The game cards are smart, funny, and well-written. There are a few of each type of card that might not be as hilarious or come off as more obscure to Catholics not completely steeped in the online Catholic world, but those do not isolate players nor make the game inaccessible. Make sure to try out “God’s House Rules” to keep gameplay fresh time after time, lent after lent.

Overall, if you like card games and are looking for a family friendly, clean, Catholic alternative to Apples-to-Apples or Cards Against Humanity, The Catholic Card Game will not disappoint. Catholics can have fun and poke a little fun at themselves without committing sacrilege! The Catholic Card Game is the perfect way to test that theory. So don’t delay! Pick up the game today and start having fun– lent is finally over, after all.