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Top 10 Headaches of a Catholic Mother

If you’re a Catholic mother, this post is for you. There’s too much to choose from, so I sense a sequel.

10. When your daughter takes crayons to your Bible

“No, THIS is your coloring book!” pointing to actual coloring book.

9. Your son loudly asking, “What that guy is doing up there?” pointing at the Crucifix


Yeah, He died for you, honey? Is it too early to say that?

8. Fighting with your kids over what is ‘appropriate’ to wear for church, to find someone sitting in Church wearing that same outfit.

No, baby girl, just because they are wearing it, still doesn’t make it right.

7. Dirty looks from people around you at church because your son is fidgeting

You try and hold a 2 year old in a 2 foot area for 1 hour. Not happening!

6. Crunching down on Cheerios when sitting down in the pew

Movies weird science distress headache weariness gif

That’s just great. Honey, did you bring the hand vac?

5. SCREAMING at kids to “SIT STILL AND BE QUIET!” during family prayers

Great example, huh?

4. Your daughter wants to jump in the “swimming pool” (aka baptismal font) at Church


Oh sorry, we didn’t bring your swim suit. Maybe next week.

3. When your daughter asks to be taken out, because she’d rather walk around the Narthex.

I think we are developing a bad habit.

2. When your baby uses your Rosary as a tether

angry animated GIF

The teeth marks give it character, right?

1. Your son turns into Dash from the “Incredibles” and runs up the center aisle at church during Mass

Maybe if I crouch down to grab him, no one will notice