Top 11 Catholic Beards

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  • Joseph Tassone

    Nice post. Missing St Joe. I need to grow mine back. Or at least a goatee. Any Saints w/ goats?

    • vince


    • John Paul Manfredi Jr.

      Not too my knowledge, Joe. But I’ll do some more research.

    • mhwharp

      You might try St Francis Loyola. He was Spanish and I think I have seen a depiction with sort of goatee.

  • I am desperate to name one of my kids Pio. Love that guy and his beard.

    • Ryan Mayer

      Love Pio. Maybe you should…ahem…have another kid?

  • ThereseZ

    Coif your beard, dear. Quaff the beer.

    • Ryan Mayer

      FIXED! Thanks! Quaffing as we speak…

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  • David DeCasien


  • MARK

    Jesus doesn’t count. He was born Jewish an died Jewish.

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