Top 5 Signs You’re a Hipster Catholic

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  • Tj Burdick

    Some more to add:
    1) Your favorite liturgical color is Pink because the others are too mainstream.
    2) Your favorite Saint is one that no one else can pronounce.
    3) You have an affinity for the Septuagint because Latin is so mainstream.
    4) You study philosophy because Theology is too mainstream.
    5) You go to the adoration chapel at 3:17 in the morning and stay until 4:17.

    6) You pray the Luminous Mysteries… a lot
    7) Your primary apostolate is knitting prayer shawls.

  • Rae Marie

    Guilty of being a hipster in some areas although I am crazy about Latin. And I disagree with our friend TJ. Burdick because it is still not mainstream, at least not where I live. The priests here don’t even know it. Although I did once run into one who did. I got him to bless my giant Latin/English Bible. He got holy water all over the cover. Good times.

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  • jesspinosa

    Well, my “fashion” accessory is a Divine Mercy rosary bracelet with brown beads – does that count?

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