Top 5 Signs You’re a Hipster Catholic


Hipsters are everywhere, even in the Catholic Church. Heck, especially within the Catholic Church! Have you ever thought about whether you could consider yourself a hipster or not? Well, the Epic Pew family has outlined five criteria to allow you to discern your level of hipster.

1. You carry a rosary blessed by JPII or Benedict XVI (or another previous Pope) around in your pocket.

Courtesy of Sarah Vabulas

Not that Pope Francis isn’t great, but you prefer to pray with and use old-school-Papal blessed objects like a Pope bottle opener.

2. You only drink monk-brewed beer.

The monks of Europe (and now Spencer, Massachusetts) make some of the best, no THE BEST,  beers in the world. Why would anyone drink anything else?

3. You attempt to find and discuss theology in all things, including the Mad Men series finale.

Don Draper finds peace through a moment of meditation but what does it all mean?! Why didn’t he realize how loved he was before he ruined his life several times over? Why didn’t all the characters of Mad Men see their inherit dignity before?

4. You only go to Mass at really old churches because you claim, “They just don’t make them like they used to.”

The Duomo of Milan, courtesy of Fr. Darryl Millette, Diocese of Saskatoon

Churches built post-Vatican II have a certain modern feel to them that doesn’t allow you to enter into proper worships so you prefer to attend Mass at churches such as the Duomo of Milan which was started in 1386 but not yet finished until 1965. Every church should take 600+ years to build.

5. You have numerous religious sister, brother and priest friends and think nothing of it.

Priests & Sarah at the 2013 Catholic New Media Conference

What? Doesn’t everyone have 15 priest numbers and 5 or more religious in their iPhone address book?


Some might apply to you and you might have some additions, but we can all agree that there is a common sense of Tradition and history within the Catholic Church that deserves our attention, study and recognition. Share with us how you think you are a Hipster Catholic.


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