Trailer: Footprints of God – Abraham


Steve Ray, AKA ‘Jerusalem Jones’, is back in the Epic new DVD series, Footprints of God: Abraham, Father of Faith and Works. Check out the trailer:

He left his home, the bones of his ancestors and the false gods of his fathers to follow the God of glory. Excruciating trials, weary miles of desert travel, and even the command to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice did not deter him. Mount your camels and ride back in time to discover Abraham, the only man called the “Friend of God.”

Born into a pagan family in the idolatrous city of Ur among ziggurat temples and foreign gods of Mesopotamia, Abraham heard the call of God and abandoned everything  to go to the faraway land of promise. When required to offer his son as a sacrifice, Abraham held the course and pledged trust and obedience to God.

Join the adventure in this 8th film of the acclaimed “Footprints of God” series as host Stephen Ray, best-selling author and popular Bible teacher, takes you on location in an exciting journey through Iraq, Turkey, the Palestinian Territories and Israel. You’ll see the temple where Abraham was born, the place he offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice, and the Tomb of the Patriarchs where he is buried. Learn how Abraham was justified before God by faith, obedience and good works.

This amazing saga sweeps through the Book of Genesis from creation to the journey into Egypt. All this in a fast-paced, entertaining biography, travel documentary, Bible study, apologetics course and Church history study rolled into one remarkable adventure!

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Praise for the new series: 

“Steve Ray enthusiastically weaves together the bible, archaeology and ancient customs, as he tells the story of Abraham, our father in the faith. By uniting both the Old and New Testaments your modern day faith will come alive.”
– Jeff Cavins,
Co-author, The Great Adventure Bible Study

“Permeated with the Christological typology that makes knowledge of the Old Testament so rich and rewarding, it is highly recommended as an entertaining and compelling introduction to the Old Testament and the roots of salvation.”
– Roy Schoeman
, Author, Salvation is from the Jews

“In this dynamic film, Steve Ray takes you on a pilgrimage to the holy sites visited by Abraham, places few people ever get to see. Enjoy Steve’s passion as he takes you through the story of Abraham, a key figure for Jews and Christians, and explores the central role Abraham has in God’s plan for the ages.”
– Jimmy Akin
, Author, The Fathers Know Best

“A beautiful, emotional and breathtaking journey ! Steve Ray has captured in one magnificent film a 4,000-year-journey that will never grow old. It is our story – a story that is bound to open the eyes of our understanding, make our faith soar, and deepen our hearts of gratitude for such a God as ours: the Triune God of Abraham.”
– Mother Miriam, O.S.B. (Rosalind Moss), EWTN host


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