You’ll never guess what these Popes are eating, but you’ll want some, too!


Get your tastebuds ready because the Pontifical Swiss Guard has published a Vatican Cookbook, where they spill the kitchen secrets of the great Popes of the Vatican. Not only is the book filled with an excellent history of the Vatican itself, as well as inside pictures of the Swiss Guard, but you can also find out the favorite dishes of our pontiffs.  Before you run off to buy the new cookbook, you should also check out the official site. Check out these finds – do you share tastes with any of the greats?


Pope Francis – South American Flavor

One of Pope Francis’s favorite dishes in Colita De Cuardil (in English we call it tri-tip – or tip roast).  This meat cut is multi-purpose and you can roast it, grill it, or smoke it.  Excellent with most any marinade, the Colita De Cuardil is also an inexpensive meat cut.  Looking for a summer grill recipe? Try out Colita De Cuardil with this recipe!


Pizza A Caballo is another South American food – it literally means horseback pizza.  There is a piece of pizza that is topped with a piece of flatbread.  It’s a pizza sandwich! You can join Pope Francis’ pizza party by making your own horseback pizza with this recipe.


Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI  – German Goodness

Regensburg sausage salad makes the top of the list for foods that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI craves.  The salad is made of shallots, chivies, pickled gherkins, onions and radishes.  Try to find this meal at your local Oktoberfest! If you don’t want to wait that long, try your own version with this recipe.

Kirschenmichel is a very traditional German dessert.  It is the German version of bread pudding – a bread base that is peppered with sour cherries.  After the cake is finished baking, it is soaked in a vanilla clove sauce.  Although it is usually served as a dessert, it isn’t unusual to find some Germans eating this cake as the main dish of their meal! Find out how to make your own Kirschenmichel here!


Saint Pope John Paul II – Polish Foodie

Pierogis are a kind of European dumpling.  Dough is wrapped around a sweet or meat filling and then dropped one by one into a pot of boiling water.  The root word of the food means ‘festival,’ recalling a time when pierogis were made for Christmas festivals in villages across Europe.  If you want to celebrate Christmas a little early, try this recipe.


Kuchen is a German food – although each European country tends to have it’s own take on the dessert.  Saint Pope John Paul II’s favorite variety was Apple Kuchen.  The filling and topping of the cake have slices and bits of apple mixed in. Have some apples you need to use? Try out this Kuchen recipe.

This is just a small sample. The cookbook is over 200 pages long! Almost as long as a Pope Francis encyclical. LOL!

By really, why eat like a king when you can eat like a Pope? Get your copy today. 


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