If there was a show called "Vatican's Got Talent!" here's what it would look like – EpicPew

If there was a show called “Vatican’s Got Talent!” here’s what it would look like

With the hit talent show “*America’s Got Talent” franchise created by Simon Cowell going strong, we at epicPew would like to propose a new show for the franchise, Vatican’s got GOD Talent!

So, let’s set the scene…the audience is quietly talking, when the lights begin to dim. The stage is lit with each of the judges names with large X’s hang above the stage. A roar begins as the four judges take their seats at the front table.

The judging panel:

Pope Francis, of course


Pope Emeritus Benedict


Sister Amada Rosa Pérez of Bogotá, Colombia


And last but not least, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York


Host, Bishop Robert Baron introduces the first act


First up, Fr. Ray Kelly of Ireland

Where I Belong

He has been famous for awhile in his parish for singing during wedding ceremonies, funerals and most any other time the Spirit moves him. He is also a YouTube and recording star with 3 albums. You can purchase his most recent album here. What really brought him to fame recently was a version of Hallelujah that he sung for a couple who chose to get married in his church in 2014. Unfamiliar with the singing priest, the shocked couple posted the video, BBC picked up the news and the rest is history!



Next, we have Friar Alessandro Brustenghi 

A Franciscan friar in the Assisi Province of Friars Minor. Friar Alessandro had always loved music but at the age of 19 thought he didn’t have a strong enough voice to become a singer like he imagined. He decided to become a friar after watching a movie about St. Francis of Assisi. Ironically, in order to enter the friary he had to pass a singing test, which he passed with distinction, by the grace of God! The journey wasn’t easy. He took his final vows in 2009 and released his first CD in 2012. He’s since released 2 other CD which can be purchased here. Friar Alessandro truly has an angelic voice which he offers up for the glory of God! You can also check him out on YouTube. Trust me, you’ll fall in love!


Now musical group, The Priests!

Then Sings My Soul: The Best of The Priests

I’m now thinking this should be renamed Ireland’s Got Talent, because this group of singing priests have been blowing away audiences since 2008. Fr. Eugene O’Hagan, his younger brother Fr. Martin O’Hagan and Fr. David Delargy make up this group who have known each other since the 1970’s. Their priesthoods took them in different directions until they all ended up back in Ireland and founded the Cappella Caeciliana Choir in 1995 and recorded 4 albums. The trio recorded their own album in April 2008 in St. Peter’s Basilica! They set the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Selling Classical Debut Album of All Times.” They have a new album coming out in 2016, but be sure to check out their current selections. You can also check them out on YouTube for some heavenly harmonies.

Already featured on The Voice, Sister Cristina Scuccia

She wows the judges and audience with her latest release, “Blessed Be Your Name.” Sister Cristina shocked us all with her first video being a cover of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”! She made it into a ballad and told us the lyrics (a few of which were modified) were more about the “capacity of love to make people new again.” (The Guardian). You can LIKE her on Facebook and purchase her album here.

Next, Fr. Leo Patalinghug

He’s carrying all the ingredients Old Bay Beer Braised Shrimp! He slices, he dices, he makes the crowd drool, and hands his dish to the judges! Bravo!! You can check out the video and buy his best recipes.

And finally, the Dominican Sisters of Mary

2013 Community Day pic forweb

With special permission from the Pope himself, the sisters quietly file into their positions on the risers, a hush comes over the crowd. The sisters open their mouths and bring down the house! Angelic voices fill the auditorium and everyone is lifted into the dimension of everlasting worship of Lord. There is not a dry eye in the house as they finish their last Hallelujah, and the crowd jumps to their feet in a loud roar that startles the sisters. You too can check out their heavenly voices here and get their latest recordings here.

So, as you can see from “Vatican’s GOD Talent” our sisters and brothers in Christ don’t give it all up to become a religious, but instead use their talents for the Glory of God here on earth and in heaven. Post below if you know of any other talented priest, deacon, brother or sister and share their talent with all of us!