Watch These Seminarians Put Their Own Twist on "The First Noel"

Watch These Seminarians Put Their Own Twist on “The First Noel”

Sacred Heart Major Seminary released an amazing video of their (incredibly talented!) seminarians singing a rendition of “The First Noel”. The video was taken by the film crew from Spirit Juice Studios and does a fantastic job at showing off these seminarians’ talent and joy.

Watch the video and then share with your friends and family!

Here’s a list of the seminarians who appeared in the video – do you know any of them?

Archdiocese of Detroit:
Derik Peterman – Violin
James Bird – Trumpet
Joshua Burcroff – Mandolin

Catholic Diocese of Lansing:
Fr. Tony Smela – Bass
John-Henry Keenan – Production Assistant

Diocese of Marquette (Diocese of Marquette Vocations Office)
Fr. Ryan Ford – Trumpet
Benjamin Rivard – Vocals + Banjo

Catholic Diocese of Saginaw:
Dcn. Stephen Blaxton – Djembe

Diocese of Winona:
David Kruse – Lead Vocals + Acoustic Guitar
Matthew Wagner – Lead Vocals

Special thanks to Merritt Taylor – Cello