Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Jim Gaffigan's Show

Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Jim Gaffigan’s Kansas City Show

Kansas City – Westboro Baptist Church, famous for their hatred and protests, announced that they will be picketing Catholic comedian Jim Gaffigan’s show at the Starlight Theater in Kansas City. The two-time Grammy Award nominee comedian’s show, Noble Ape Tour, is on Thursday, July 20, 2017.

In a news release, members of the Westboro Baptist Church listed their reasons for protesting Gaffigan’s show:

“Jim Gaffigan makes his living off performing for others and entertaining them. He talks in his live stand-up comedy shows about topics that are relatable to the average person, and thereby gains the respect of his audience. He is also touted as the top American Christian comedian because he often references his Catholic religion. He lures them in with his funny way and then smacks them with soul damning lies like a fish tail in the face! You get the picture.”

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church will protests for 45 minutes before the comedy show starts. The news release also states that the protests was spurred on by Gaffigan’s supposed support of the LGBT pride movement.

Last month, Gaffigan gained publicity on Twitter after posting a picture of his children holding rainbow flags with the caption “I’m so proud of my gay kids. Happy #pride2017 #pridenyc.”

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Gaffigan took to Twitter to respond to Westboro Baptist Church, saying, “Reminder: I’ll be performing my wicked & controversial comedy this summer in KC and all across this sinful country.”

Westboro Baptist Church openly mocks the Catholic Church, calling it the “largest, most well-funded and organized pedophile group in the history of man.” They also criticize Catholicism for honoring the Blessed Mother, the Saints, relics, and icons, which they see these as instances of idolatry.