You’ve Been Using the Bible the WRONG Way, Here’s Why


I need you to stop what you’re doing right this instant and listen to what I’m about to tell you.

Do you like to study Scripture, the Catholic faith and tradition?

You’ve been going about it all wrong.

You probably just, like, read it, right?

That’s ok, but maybe you sometimes feel overwhelmed because there’s just too much to study and you don’t know where to begin?

Have I got the thing for you…

What if I told you, you could have the Bible, the Catechism, and the best writings and documents from the Catholic tradition at your fingertips… all with a powerful search tool?

It’s real…

It’s called Verbum.

I recently picked up the Capstone package–pretty much the Cadillac of Verbum packages. (thanks, Mom).

And let me just say…

When you first open Verbum, you may be overwhelmed at its depth and power.

But then you start searching…and Verbum connects everything for you. Then you’re like, 

You open your Catholic Lectionary (which is one of about a dozen) and see that it’s the Feast of St. Leo the Great. Great start, right?


Verbum then opens your preferred Bible version (which is one of dozens…in English, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew). Yeah…

AND your preferred Scripture commentary, which is just one of dozens (yep)…

Now you’re feelin’ it…

But Verbum is just getting warmed up…

Every citation and footnote in Verbum is interactive, meaning Verbum automatically pulls up documents referenced in what you’re currently looking at.

So in addition to that Lectionary reading from the feast of St. Leo AND the corresponding Bible passage AND commentary, Verbum also links you to all of Leo’s letters, homilies, and writings. 

AND every document in your massive Verbum library where any of Leo’s writings are cited or referenced.

AND an interactive word study of both Greek and Hebrew words with a chart detailing each and every place in Scripture the different versions of the word are used.

Oh, and Leo’s picture on Wikipedia. Plus some other stuff. 

We could do this all day…

I know, right?! With this much power in your hands, you might even be like,

Go ahead…swagger a bit.

Can you even think of anything that comes remotely close to being this Epic?

Didn’t think so. In our book, Verbum earns a…

Whether you’re a priest looking for help writing a homily (there’s a “sermon starter” tool), a serious scholar who wants nothing more than to have the best Catholic writing “Matrix-ed” into your brain (it comes close), or you just want to enrich your study, you’ll be amazed. Yes, YOU.

Now go get Verbum and tell your friends.

Hey Verbum…keep being Epic.


Why are you still reading this?  GO. GET. VERBUM.*

*No one at EpicPew was paid or even asked to say anything about Verbum.  The author genuinely had his world rocked by Verbum and can’t shut up about it.  Seriously, ask his friends. Now excuse me while I go read the Summa, the Catechism, Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary, Denzinger, and the complete works of Aristotle ALL AT THE SAME TIME.


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