Why Catholics Pray *to* the Saints (and why you should too!)

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  • Adam Hovey

    Always like pointing out that the word pray means “to ask a favour”. I mean if you’ve ever read Shakespeare you’ve certainly read the phrase “I pray thee”.

  • Ann Smith

    I get this but I still think it’s going to be a hard sell for all those who are determined that ours is a “man-made” religion. Yeah, I get that a lot, don’t you? Or their minds are closed so they just say things like, “I don’t care what you say, it’s still wrong.” Sigh…

  • Beth

    One big objection that I’ve never seen answered is that praying to the saints involves communicating with those who are physically dead. No matter how spiritually alive they are, they are no longer with us, and the Bible specifically forbids attempting to contact the deceased. It’s possible a person could ask Jesus to convey a message to the saints, and there would be no problem. Then again, there would also be no point in asking Jesus to ask the saints who would then turn around and pray to Jesus!

    • AeolisMons

      Deuteronomy 18 forbids the pagan and occultic practices of the inhabitants of Canaan which were to be driven out by the Israelites to prevent them from falling again into idolatry (sorcery, augury, human sacrifices, divination, etc). They are told to listen to the prophets instead.

      • Beth

        I don’t really understand your point here.