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You Won’t Believe These Nativity Sets — 2021!

After so many years of doing this, there really is no introduction needed. Here is this year’s iteration of “You Won’t Believe These Nativity Sets.”

And we’re in awe that we can still find fresh weirdness every year.

Enjoy! Happy Advent! and Merry Christmas!

I think this is an allusion to the seven angels and their seven trumpets…maybe. (Photo: Potterybydaina)
This nativity scene truly rocks. (Photo: Juan Manuel, Visit Ventura)
Bethlehem means “house of bread.” I wonder if, in this case, we can rename the little town to “Ginger-Bethlehem?” (Photo:, Petsisy’s)
“For ‘yarn-der’ breaks a new and glorious morn!” (Photo: Cardigan Bay Crochet Crew,
Yeehaw! The Savior is born! (Photo: Pinterest, Cindy Grant)
It’s tradition that says God was born in a barn. This takes it to a whole new level. (Photo: Pinterest, Cheryl Trevithick)
Because llamas, that’s why. (Photo:
Christ is born! You can put that in ink! (Photo:
“A long, long time ago, in a manger far, far away…” (Photo:
Taking “stella maris” to a whole new depth. (Photo: