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10 Reasons You Should Watch The Jim Gaffigan Show While You Still Can

The Jim Gaffigan Show is awesome. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the show is the brainchild of Jim and Jeanie Gaffigan and is based on their life. They live in a two bedroom apartment in New York City with their five children. In interviews, the Gaffigans have repeatedly shared that their Catholicism is an integral part of their lives and the show. Jim even had their parish priest bless the TV set after Jeanie had their apartment blessed.

The only problem is, the show might be going away soon. We’re proud, but sad to say that Jim feels the show might be interfering with his family life a little too much. So the show might not be around forever, which is why you should get watching right away! Here’s some reasons why:


1. Hot Pockets!

You knew that was coming. Any child of the 90’s is familiar with this pocket stuffed with “meat”. Jim’s Hot Pocket bit is legendary and you can expect more of that hilarity on the show.


2. Food is a character


If you have read any of Jim’s books or watched his stand-up, you know he is a big fan of food. Jeanie and Jim have made food essentially a character on the show to continue his love affair.


3. Catholicism is painted in a wonderful light


The show is open about their Catholicism and not from a purely cultural standpoint. They are Catholics living their lives in NYC. They intentionally made Jim’s character more secular, so that they could show a conversion of sorts on his side while Jeanie is clearly a devout Catholic. Jim has said in interviews that his character is way more secular than he is in real life, but they wanted a deepening of faith alongside the comedy.



4. The show gives Priests their due and makes the parish priest a central figure in their lives



5. It showcases the ironies and contradictions of living as a Catholic in our culture in a way Catholics will understand



6. Jim’s battle to be a “clean” comedian is on full display and it proves to be one of the funniest aspects of the show



7. It is pro-family



8. It is pro-children



9. It showcases the hard work of parenthood without being overly negative about the sacrifices



10. It is hilariously honest about those times in parenthood when kids learn new things (especially body parts) to the embarrassment of their parents.


The Jim Gaffigan Show can be seen on TVLand

Images were taken from the promos for The Jim Gaffigan Show