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10 Urgent Facts About Exorcisms this Catholic Peritus Wants You to Know

“If I were a parent right now I think I would want to educate my children as much as I could about the truth of things once they were old enough to understand it. Some of the evil is vague and is designed to seduce, or to be interesting, and then later might be revealed as more explicitly evil.” – Adam Blai, Peritus on Demonology

Adam Blai is a peritus on exorcism and religious demonology. A peritus is a nice word for “expert” within the Catholic Church. He has been training priests on this topic for 10 years and has attended over 100 solemn exorcisms. Here’s a bit of demonology that he wants you to know:


1. Only a priest can perform an exorcism

In fact, it is actually through the Bishop. This power is apostolic, and is therefore “lent” to the priest by the Bishop.


2. Exorcisms are not normally the Hollywood version

It’s just not that dramatic – usually. Strange things do happen, but it is not amped up as Hollywood would like it to be.


3. Nobody should be involved in exorcisms for selfish reasons

Many young people want to be involved to learn more, they believe it’s exciting, or out of curiosity. It is very dangerous to dabble in this topic without care, proper guidance, and much discernment through prayer.


4. God allows it, and He can use it for good

As we struggle to understand evil in the world, we must properly understand salvation history. Scripture details the understanding that demonic temptations allow man to exercise free will, to love God, and to work out our salvation.


5. Ultimately Satan must be given permission for everything he does

No joke, it’s biblical: And the Lord said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your power; only upon himself do not put forth your hand.” So Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord.


6. There’s several solid and frightening account of exorcism in the New Testament

Seven particularly, but several references. Check them out.


7. Primary authority is given to Apostles

See. #1 above.


8. In the early church, teams of lay people exercised demons

Why the change? No change here. It was always through the supervision and authority of a bishop. It was never performed upon ones own authority, but upon the authority of God given to these bishops through apostolic succession.


9. US Bishops have answered several excellent questions

You’re probably as curious as any, and so you can read them here.


10. The Church is picking back up on exorcisms

After general inactivity on the subject for about 100 years, the Church is seeing a demand for this ancient and miraculous gift. In the last ten years, over 100 priests have been trained and authorized to perform an exorcism.

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