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11 Reasons You Might Need to Go to Confession

1. Missed Mass without a valid reason

Slept in on accident? Completely forgot? Perhaps you just decided you wouldn’t go. If you were not seriously ill or in a situation where it is impossible (vacation is not a good reason), you need confession. Bookmark MassTimes.org now, and make sure you never miss Mass again.


2. Having sex outside of marriage, to include masturbation

Chances are you have not committed adultery and hopefully never will, but many men and women, too, are susceptible to masturbation. This does include the mutual masturbation of men completing orgasms during oral sex because it does not end in openness to life. Read this to understand that better. Sensitive subject, I know, but if you’ve done it, you must get to confession now.


3. Watching pornography

A vile sin, if you’ve even peeked, you need to get to confession immediately. If you’re struggling, please visit The Porn Effect.


4. Haven’t been to confession in a year

Yes, not going to confession is reason to go to confession. The Church rules that we must confess and receive absolution at least once per year.


5. Use artificial birth control 

This includes. condoms, pills, patches, IUD’s, etc. It also includes all forms of artificial insemination. If you’re currently using and planning to use, please read this now and also read this excellent post from Taylor Marshall.


6. Sponsor or help in any way with an abortion or any destruction of an embryo

Another terrible sin, and a serious need for the graces and healing that the Sacrament of Reconciliation offers. If you’re involved in the abotion industry in any way and want out, visit And Then There Were None right now.


7. You’ve committed murder

Right, you’ve not committed murder. If you did you MUST get to confession right now.


8. Hate/Anger

Number 7 was likely a long shot, but chances are there is someone you have wished was in pain, wished was dead, or had seriously hateful anger towards. It might be someone like your teacher or boss, or might be someone as close as your child, parent, or spouse. You need healing and you need to work this out through proper penance and forgiveness. Get to confession ASAP.


9. Lust after someone

Lust is evil, period. If you’ve even remotely thought lustfully for a woman, especially if you’re married, you’ve committed a grievous sin. Be courageous, and get to confession.


10. Gossip about someone

Yes, gossip is a very serous sin. It involves libel, slander, and the denigration of another person’s reputation. Even if it is a true rumor, you’re gossiping. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you have private information that can damage a person’s reputation in any way, and you’re not part of a solution, you shouldn’t talk about it with anyone. If you have gossiped, get to confession.


11. Missed a Holy Day of Obligation without a valid reason

See number 1 above.

These are just 11 cases where you need to get to confession. If you’re still unsure, or really want to make sure your soul is free from grave or venial sin, bookmark and read this examination of conscience from EWTN.