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12 Girl Names to Honor St. Joseph

The year of St. Joseph will undoubtedly lead to a bump in the name’s popularity, at least among Catholics. But what if you’re having a girl? There are many feminine variations of St. Joseph as well as names inspired by him to choose from. Here are just a few.

1. Josephine

You can’t go wrong with this classic female version of Joseph. It’s a beautiful and timeless way to honor him. But if traditional or popular isn’t your preference, don’t worry. This list has plenty of other options for you.

2. Jody 

On a different note, Jody is another classic Joseph-inspired name. But it hasn’t made the top 1000 names in the United States in the last 20 years. This undervalued diminutive of Joseph could use a comeback and this year is a perfect time for it. 

3. Lily

This nod to St. Joseph is a subtle way to honor him with a girl’s name. Lilies, which are artistic symbols of purity, are often pictured with St. Joseph. The apocryphal Gospel of St. James describes Joseph’s staff miraculously transforming into a lily as a sign that he was called to be Mary’s husband.

4. Josette

This adorable French form of Joseph, is another less-common choice. While the language is also the origin of Josephine, this alternative is a shorter option that some may find more appealing. It’s also reminiscent of Cosette, the girl Jean Valjean adopts in Les Miserables.

5. Gigi

This name is often seen as a nickname for a longer name like Georgina or Virginia. However, it could also be used as a nickname or variant for Giuseppa, the Italian feminine form of Joseph. Whether as a nickname or the full name, Gigi is an adorable name to honor a wondrous saint.

6. Virginia

If you like, Virginia itself can also be a way to get that sweet St. Joseph patronage. One of his many titles in the Litany of St. Joseph is “Guardian of Virgins”. According to some traditions, he is also a virgin himself. This name also honors Mary, the Blessed Virgin, so it’s a two-for-one deal.

7. Josepha

A less common female form of Joseph is Josepha. If you’re not a fan of Josephine or Josette, this name still makes it obvious who your little girl is named after. You also have the option for all the usual Josephine nicknames: Jo, Josie, Joey, etc.

8. Sayer

This is another Joseph-inspired name rather than a variant or nickname. Sayer comes from Welsh and means craftsman. Since St. Joseph was a craftsman, a carpenter to be specific, this name can be used to honor him. It’s similar enough to other gender-neutral names like Parker and Skylar to be used for a girl.

9. Jolene

If you can ignore the Dolly Parton song connection, this is another great choice. This variant of Joseph, while more popular than some, hasn’t broken the top 400 girls’ names in the United States in the last 35 years making it a less common choice.

10. Jožica

Go off the beaten path with this Croatian version of Josephine. You could keep the traditional pronunciation or use English-standard sounds for something resembling a mix of Josie and Jessica. This trendy-looking name honors St. Joseph in a direct way.

11. Pilar

Another title from the Litany of St. Joseph calls him “Pillar of Families”. Like Virginia, this name can also be used in reference to Mary from her apparition known as Our Lady of the Pillar. Whether named after both or just one of these saints, Pilar makes a great choice.

12. Posey

According to some, Posey is a nickname for Josephine. Odder nicknames have certainly come about. This cute, floral name has been seen a bit more in recent years but is still unique enough to distinguish your girl from others.

Bonus: Jo

Jo can be used before and after many common, short names to create a more unique option that also honors St. Joseph. Options include: JoAnna, JoElla, JoBeth, MaryJo, SamanthaJo, BillyJo, and KellyJo.

Whatever name you choose, St. Joseph is an amazing patron for any little girl to have.

Featured image: Josh Applegate on Unsplash.