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15 Moments All Catholic Theology Majors Will Understand

1. When you get your book list for the semester and realize how many you’re adding to the collection


2. Trying to explain the doctrine of the Trinity in your own words without delving into heresy


3. When your love for lexical precision in theological concepts makes you critique every homily you hear, sometimes against your own will


4. Getting into heated (and very nerdy) arguments with your classmates


5. When people ask, “but what are you going to do with it?” after you tell them your major


6. The thrilling moment you finally turn in your thesis/exegesis


7. The major perks of reading the constitutions of The Second Vatican Council, and getting to call it “homework” #winwin


8. Getting jealous over your friends who got to study at a Pontifical school


9. Noticing that your Catechism is every bit as worn as your bible


10. The exasperating moments when your class slips into a debate regarding liturgy


. . . but you also live for it . . .


11. The feeling you get when you talk theology with other Theo majors


12. You can’t even count how many all-nighters you’ve pulled just for reading


13. Finding out your favorite theologian will be teaching your class


14. Discovering a new favorite saint for the thousandth time


15. Knowing that each new thing you learn about God is a new thing to love about him, and loving your major