15 Reasons to Never Attend Franciscan University of Steubenville

With all the great Catholic schools available, why would you EVER choose FUS? I mean, really.

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  • Shannon Marie Federoff

    #16… must put up with Tatiana Federoff’s epic humor. And you may have to carry her to the JC if she falls.

  • when my girls learned that Regina Doman’s fairy tale novels are based on Franciscan- they insisted on going there…..

    • Bonnie Rodgers

      they are so smart!

  • Laura Trifonoff

    Loved loved loved it! But the photo for traveling abroad is not Gaming. 🙁

    • Please find a great picture of Gaming and I’ll replace it, cause I couldn’t.

    • Shaun McAfee

      Find a great pic of Gaming and I’ll replace it. I didn’t find any that really stuck out. Plus, plenty of students travel to PCJ – it’s just not part of the official FUS affiliation.

  • Arvin Gallanosa

    The picture of # 13 (“Studying abroad …yuck.”) is the Pontifical College Josephinum … in Columbus, Ohio.

    • Bonnie Rodgers

      for those of us in Massachusetts – that is abroad.

  • Laura Gray

    I wish I were 17 again – hoping it’s 1st choice for grandson’s

  • stephenbhoward

    Here is a nice Gaming pic from Franciscan’s website.

    • Shaun McAfee

      Sorry, but that’s a little small. Thanks for providing it.

      • jesspinosa


        • Shaun McAfee

          That’s FUS, not Gaming. Sorry, looking for HQ images of Gaming.

          • jesspinosa

            Google it, you will find tons of photos.

  • stephenbhoward
  • Sam

    I went to FUS before having to transfer (long story). It’s an amazing university! I took a philosophy class there that was, with no exaggeration, life-altering. Made me a better man.

    Sometimes the confession lines are long, but that’s inspiring :-D. Number #15 is very true, but not only from mothers..

  • Mike Crognale

    Love it. If I had it all to do over again I would go to a good Catholic school.

  • jesspinosa

    I used to volunteer in Lourdes in France, and I have met many great FUS kids there, unashamedly passionate Catholics all, who would rather help with the sick pilgrims during their school break in Austria than go to the beach. The pretty girls made me wish I were 40 years younger! ☺

  • tcstrenge

    Thanks, Shawn; love! Unspeakably grateful my daughter is there and, please God, other siblings will join her.

  • LW

    plenty of gaming pictures here