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18 Hilarious, Witty, and Catholic WiFi Names

Looking for WiFi names that will give your Catholic neighbors and friends a good laugh? Look no further.

1. LAN does not live on bread alone

But on every byte of wisdom that comes forth from the mouth of God.

2. City of Dis

Waiting for the page to load is the sixth circle of hell, according to Dante.

3. StealingisaSin

So stop trying to guess the WiFi password, Bob.

4. Peter’s Key(word)

Also known as the Key(words) to the Kingdom.

5. Cardinal Connection

Upgrade to the Papal Connection for just $9.99 more a month.

6. You Shalt Not Covet Your Neighbors WiFi

Or their dog, or their car.

7. The Promise LAN

Flowing with milk, honey, and WiFi hot spots.

8. Phishers of Men

Not an official endorsement of phishing. Phishing is also a sin.

9. Firewall and Brimstone

Unauthorized connections call down the wrath of God.

10. Precious in the Site of the Lord

Is the connection of his faithful ones.

11. Thurible Connection

You may think this pun is incense-itive.

12. Roamin’ Catholic Connection

Get it?

13. R CIA Surveillance Van

Keeping tabs on all the potential converts.

14. ISPidore’s WiFi

This WiFi is named after the patron saint of the internet (no, really). Sure, only Catholics will get it. But you’ll give them a good chuckle.

15. WiFighting the Devil

Spiritual warfare is real.

16. WiFides et Ratio

Faith, reason, and good connection.

17. The Pearly Gates

Let us in!

18. 20 + C + M + B + 19

You bless your home with the Epiphany home blessing. Why not bless your router, too? Bonus points if you change it every year.