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25 Gifs That Perfectly Describe the Lent Experience

When it is Fat Tuesday and you realize you haven’t given any thought to what you are giving up for Lent

When you see someone attractive with ashes on their forehead on Ash Wednesday

When you accidentally touch your forehead on Ash Wednesday

When you see food commercials on days you are fasting

On Fridays and you don’t like fish

It is finally Saturday

If someone asks you if you are giving anything up for Lent

As you almost sing alleluia before the Gospel at Mass

When you think of the ultimate Lenten sacrifice

When you’re trying to find more opportunities to be generous during Lent

Then you slip up and eat bacon for breakfast on a Friday

And you feel like no one is giving you credit for how hard your Lenten sacrifices have been for you

When your coffee snob friend is giving up coffee for Lent

And you see your Catholic friend is about to eat meat on a Friday

Reflecting on how hard it is to keep up your Lenten sacrifices

Encourage your friend to persevere when Lent gets hard for them

Breaking one of your Lenten promises on accident

When the Lenten grind is getting to you but you are trying to hide it

Explaining why Catholics do what they do during Lent to your non-Catholic friends

When it’s the middle of Lent and the grind is really starting to get to you

When Lent is almost over and you have not finished reading that spiritual book you said you were going to read during Lent

And you wake up and realize it’s already Good Friday

And you are thinking about your upcoming Easter meal while fasting on Good Friday

When you hear conflicting statements from the clergy about when Lent OFFICIALLY ends

Then Easter Sunday comes and you can go back to normal