25 Pictures That Prove Orthodox Priests Will Bless ANYTHING

Because They Can!

The Second Vatican Council Document Orientalium Ecclesiarum, The Decree on the Catholic Churches of the East, says:

“All members of the Eastern Rite should know and be convinced that they can and should always preserve their legitimate liturgical rite and their established way of life…” (no. 6)


If any separated Christian should, under the guidance of the grace of the Holy Spirit, join himself to the unity of Catholics, no more should be required of him than what a bare professional the Catholic Faith demands. (no. 25)

Boy, in the spirit of ecumenism, expect them to help us bless ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Here’s proof:

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  • Jared Wark

    Some of these aren’t even that far out. I feel like nobody would say anything if a Roman Catholic priest blessed a prison, or a rehab room, or an MRI, provided that the blessing was done with good intention. And honestly, blessing soldiers and police academy students is a good thing; every human being needs the graces of God. For the other objects, I think it may speak more about the culture these people live in than the religion itself.

    • Juliana

      I’m a Roman Catholic and I agree with you. Well said!

      • Gordis85

        I concur. ^^

      • Anthony

        I’m a Roman Catholic priest and in our tradition a blessing is upon an object with the user in mind. For instance a car, we ask God to bless all who ride in it and the driver. I would pass on guns, but soldiers and police of course.

      • Deacon Nick

        I’m a Roman Catholic and a Prison Chaplain and I agree with you. Well said. When men ask for a cell blessing it is usually an indication that things are beginning to change for them.

    • Deacon Kevin

      Agreed. I didn’t see anything wrong with blessing all of these. Roman Catholic or otherwise.

      Anyone who thinks it’s crazy to bless all of these items has not read the unbridged book of blessings.

    • Eli Odell Jackson

      The grace of God is not given by a blessing come from man my friend, it is a free gift of God.
      This is not Christianity, but worldly religion.

      • Jared Wark

        I agree with you. A human being can’t bring Grace on anyone or anything by himself. BUT we do all have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us and can spread that Grace that has already been given to us.

        Also, just a point of note: the reason Catholics and Orthodox have their priests ritually bless things is because we believe our priests act “In Persona Christi Capitus”, or “As the person of Christ, the head.” as a principle of apostolic succession. So when a priest blesses something or even offers confession, he does so in God’s name, not his own.

        • Gordis85


      • Hegesippus

        But we are called to go out and enact our faith, not sit around waiting for pressie time from that nice God who showers us with nice stuff.

        Feed the poor, don’t expect manna to fall every day!

        By being God’s worldly agents and bringing his blessings to others, they are blessed as are we for doing God’s work. When Jesus ascended, it became the job of the Church to be the one who acts in this world!

        This has been from the beginning of the Church and has always been Christianity.

        God bless!

      • Fr. John Higgins

        So, when someone sneezes you would never say “God bless you”?

      • Ginkgo100

        A blessing is just a prayer and an expression of piety. Nobody here thinks they’re “magic charms” or an end-around for God’s grace.

        • lambdavi

          Not quite. “Blessing” in the Book of Genesis does not have the same meaning as today. It was more like giving a birthright or special authority unto someone. Read of Jacob’s blessing to Isaac, Esau goes to his father begging “is there no blessing left for me?” and Jacob weeps and denies any bkessing unto Esau. Read Genesis.

      • Anthony Zarrella

        Before you try to be “more Christian than thou”, Eli, you may want to check the Bible.

        – Isaac blessed Jacob

        – Jacob blessed Pharaoh and asked Joseph to bring his (Joseph’s) sons so that he (Jacob) could bless them

        – Moses blessed the Israelites, as did Aaron

        – Joshua blessed Caleb

        – your namesake, Eli, blessed Elkanah and his wife

        – David blessed the people and his own household, as did Solomon

        – the Israelites blessed the volunteers who went to live in Jerusalem (in Nehemiah)

        – Proverbs tells us that the children of a righteous woman will “rise up and bless her”

        – Simeon blessed the Holy Family

        – and Our Lord told us to “bless those who curse you,” and told His disciples to bless a household that welcomes them on their mission

  • Benjamin Leduc

    For cars, hospitals, horses and many other, catholics do it to… well particules accelerator is weired …

  • Dino P.

    Hahaha! We, Roman Catholics in the Philippines, also have all kinds of stuff blessed! Maybe not guns or boring machines (because we don’t have those here), but people want many things blessed here. Haha! No problem with it, though. Whatever brings us closer to God. 🙂

    • Ricky Florencio


  • Fr. David Mastroberte

    The “Bosch Blessing” is Catholic. That is a photo of the inauguration of the Bosch factory in Blaj, Romania, which was conducted by Bishop Claudiu-Lucian Pop, a Romanian Greek Catholic auxiliary

    See–this is proof that there is at least one thing we Orthodox priests won’t bless!

  • Precentrix

    The Roman Benedictional has one for electric light switches. The Lain translates as “little lightning making machines” or something like that.

  • Laura H

    My grandfather would always get Rotella’s Bakery blessed whenever he had a new addition or new building. Funny on what some of them would bless…especially the guns and tanks.

  • Montague

    If/when the demonic zombie hordes break out over the earth, our heathenish American weapons shall stand no chance, and Russia will rise supreme.

    Same goes for Vampires.

    This is probably their masterplan.

  • Stanley Anderson

    I like the particle accelerator. I’m suddenly thinking of 1 Kings 19:12 where Elijah saw the Lord pass by: “…And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire an accelerated (decidedly not ‘still’) sub-atomic particle…” (or something like that 🙂 )

  • Anna Marion Howell

    I’m an Episcopalian and a priest blessed one of my tattoos.

  • Jean Robertson

    I loved to see a nice, new. blue car pull up to the Church (which houses the Lanciano Eucharist Miracle), in Lanciano, the car doors then all opened, the family stood around the car, and the Priest came out to bless the new car. So great. In the old days, a Priest used to come to all the houses in the parish to bless the houses. Good idea.

  • wolski888

    If I am not mistaken, that is a CT scanner not MRI.

  • halivie

    Not sure I understand the point.

  • Bishop-Anthony Bondi

    Nice try! Except if you check out the vestments carefully you will see that they are mostly Eastern Catholic clergy. Though I must admit that the ones with the Kalashnikov rifles sure do look like Russians.

    • Lacertoss

      Some are Eastern Catholic, some are Orthodox, as far as I could tell.

    • Mike Lacy

      Roman Catholics can learn a lot from Orthodox Christians. with the exception of the Apache helicopter, all of the weapons are from countries that are Orthodox Christian.

  • Αναγνώστης

    I’m pretty sure that the priests in the Bosch Factory are catholics (hint: the bishop’s cap)

  • Carson Lauffer

    Looks good to me. I’m ready to convert. “Be thankful always for all things.”

  • “Rifles” … “More rifles” … “Even more rifles…”


  • NickD

    Honestly, I could see a lot of blessings from the Roman Ritual being adapted to many of these situations (maybe not tanks or rifles, though)

    • Kathryn A. O’Keefe

      Nope, us Latin Riters would definitely ask for blessing on guns and such, that they be used prudently, without malice, that they be used only in a just circumstance, and that they never be shot in the first place.

  • Kartik

    so whats wrong with priests blessing. Moron editor.

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  • jclyerly

    I get the feeling that whoever put this article together has no clue what the verb “to bless” means…

  • Royal Photography

    The one labeled “Particle Accelerator” is actually the type of machine used to provide radiation treatment to cancer patients. I can certainly understand blessing a piece of medical equipment, asking for divine intervention to guide the doctors in using it to help save lives.

    • Sally M

      And similarly the MRI scanner is actually a CT scanner. Not that it matters…

  • Pete the Greek

    My Roman Catholic parish priest blessed my ccw piece.

  • Elissa D. Bjeletich

    I don’t see anything strange about this. Why wouldn’t we ask God’s blessing on everything we do? If we believe in God with our whole hearts, what would we hold back? Bless my life, O Lord, even the boring parts.

  • I don’t understand. What is wrong with any of this?

    • Paradox

      I’m pretty sure it’s just that the author found it funny to ogle Orthodox Priests spritzing Holy Water on machines that will get dirty, et cetera.
      If not that, then the author was probably warmed to see the faith they have (I was particularly moved when I saw them blessing a prison and a rehab room).
      Maybe a little of both?

    • Christos Lagrezos

      Edward only the evil wants to say that is wrong.. Evil can not pass freely on blessed spirit or materials

  • Pavel

    Tucajte se u bulju.

  • Mark Robert B Baldo

    Wouldn’t blessing a swimming pool make all the water Holy Water?

    • Kathryn A. O’Keefe

      Short answer: no.

  • Helmut Weiss

    Only the blessing of guns and warmaschines are a out of place… The rest is great in my humble opinion.

  • TheIGofSA

    most of these complaints are silly. That there is a prayer that rifles are used for good is not a bad things Clearly the writer is just a bigot

  • Gordis85

    Nice vestments accompanied the many blessings. I like the blessing of the soldiers but not keen on blessing weapons that kill and maim their fellow man. 🙁

    • Kathryn A. O’Keefe

      Blessing in the hope that they will not be used for an unjust cause (or used at all), blessing that the one who may have to use it does so wisely and without malice towards his fellow man… I can see a lot of reasons to bless guns.

  • James

    Not sure which country’s military this is, but I do know Russian Orthodox priests blessing Russian arms is an ancient tradition. IIRC, Stalin even brought it back during WWII.

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  • Fr. John Higgins

    Good for them. As a Roman Catholic Priest I’ve blessed similar things. There is a Basilica in Rome which was once a Pagan Roman Temple. I’ve blessed Police Officers, Firefighters, Soldiers, dogs, cats, horses, cowboys, dancers, wedding cakes, cars and a motor home. These things are just off the top of my head. I’ve probably blessed more things. Now I think I’ll bless this blog. (grin)

    • DianaC.

      I have a question for you.. This may be strange but, I am not 100% aware of teachings about tattooing the body. Will it be possible for a priest (such as yourself) to bless a tattoo of the cross?

      • Kyle Coffey

        I am not a priest, but since Fr. Higgins didn’t respond to you, I will answer your question. My guess would be no, priests will not bless tattoos. This is because getting a tattoo on one’s body is almost without exception, sinful. It is contrary to the Natural Law to intentionally mutilate one’s body without a proportionate reason. In fact, the only time a tattoo is permissible (that I can think of) is when soldiers get their personal info tattooed on their side for identification purposes (in case they are rendered unrecognizable in the line of duty). I hope that answers your question! God Bless.

        • DianaC.

          Thank you so much, this helped a lot. God bless you too 🙂

          • Kyle Coffey

            Thanks and you are most welcome!

  • Therese

    I love it that factories, businesses, universities, etc are asking for a blessing!!

  • jovan66102

    From the Roman Ritual, ’29. BLESSING OF ANYTHING

    This form may be used by any priest for the blessing of anything that does not have its own special blessing in the Roman Ritual.

    P: Our help is in the name of the Lord.

    All: Who made heaven and earth.

    P: The Lord be with you.

    All: May He also be with you.Let us pray.

    God, whose word suffices to make all things holy, pour out your blessing on this object (these objects); and grant that anyone who uses it (them) with grateful heart and in keeping with your law and will, may receive from you, its (their) Maker, health in body and protection of soul by calling on your holy name; through Christ our Lord.All: Amen.

    It (they) is (are) sprinkled with holy water.’

  • Ginkgo100

    Um, bring it on. I mean, why NOT bless these things? Yes, even the rifles. Especially the rifles.

  • PeonyMoss

    Long tradition in both East and West of blessing tunnel boring machines and asking St Barbara’s intercession – just took place not long ago in Washington DC

  • Joe Lovell

    The order for the blessing of weapons:

    The Bishop or Priest comes out of the Altar to a table before the Amvon
    on which the weapons are placed, and he censes the weapons crosswise
    while the Reader begins as is common::

    Reader: O Heavenly King, Trisagion,etc….Psalm 35. Alleluia.

    Deacon: Let us pray to the Lord

    The Bishop or Priest reads this prayer over the weapons::

    O Lord our God, God of Power and Might, powerful in strength, strong in
    battle, You once gave miraculous strength to Your child David granting
    him victory over his opponent the blasphemer Goliath. Mercifully
    accept our humble prayer. Send Your heavenly blessing upon these weapons
    (..naming each weapon..). Give to them power and strength that they may
    protect Your holy Church, the poor and the widows, and Your holy
    inheritance on earth, and make them horrible and terrible to any enemy army,
    and grant victory to Your people for your glory, for You are our
    strength and protection and unto You do we send up praise and glory, to the
    Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to the ages
    of ages. Amen.

    Then the Priest sprinkles blessed water on the weapons saying::

    Let the blessing of the Tri-une God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
    come down on and remain upon these weapons and those who carry them, for
    the protection of the truth of Christ. Amen.

    After this the soldiers carrying the weapons are blessed, with the

    Be brave and let your heart be stronger and win victory over your
    enemies, trusting in God, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    After this each soldier kisses the honourable cross.

  • Charlie

    I was in attendance when a bishop blessed major changes to a church that included his entering the washrooms and blessing those as well..he did not enter the female washrooms.Do they remain in Satan’s hands?

  • lambdavi

    America is much too young a Nation to have any recollection of “old history”; not “ancient”, but anything which is older than the French Indian War. Europe has got 3000 years of religious heritage. Thecday that Americans realize thet cannot say “I see the light!” and start their own Church in their own back yard, that’ll be the day they will have any credibility in religion.

  • Koraani Bacon

    Will they bless gay marriage?

    • Jo Mama

      Hell no

  • Duc Duc Duc

    Nothing wrong with that! Our atheistic ways turned our lands into muslim playgrounds of rape and mohammedan conquest. Unite under Christianity and purge our lands from the muslim plague, no mercy to traitors.

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