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25 Things Every Franciscan University Student Understands

Call it “the hill”, “the bubble”, “the light to the nations”, “the bootcamp”, or whatever you’d like; but here’s how you know if you truly call Franciscan University of Steubenville “home”.

Franciscan University

You’ve played “spot the homeschooler”


You honed your craft of picking out the backpack runners and pride yourself on your accuracy.

You’re either in a household or you hate them


Love them or hate them, it’s still an obsession. (sing it, sister)

You’ve gone straight from a FOP to Hofbrau Haus


Because Catholicism is fun, y’all.

You still pine for Chipotle late at night


School night runs to Robinson may just be your lifeblood.

You’ve planned your schedule around convenient daily Mass times


You want to receive Jesus every day, but it’d be great if you didn’t have to wake up for the 7 o’clock Mass.

You’ve gotten annoyed by your friends talking about their semester in Austria …


You detest any phrase that begins with, “When we were in Austria…”

… because you know yours was totally better


Seriously, you had THE best semester abroad, with the best group, the best teachers, the best RDs, and the best trips EVER.

You’ve fist pumped when you walk into the Port and it’s empty


You’re a little bit selfish when it comes to one on one time with Jesus, and that’s ok.

You’ve used the word “pursue” one too many times


In fact, it was even in the title of your thesis for your MRS degree.

You’ve sustained an injury playing ultimate frisbee


But beating AMDG was completely worth it.

You’ve seen Dr. Bergsma cry


And then you cried, ugly tears, because the way he talks about Scripture with such passion and reverence is just …. sob.

You’re still crazed over wraps from the pub and flatbreads from Sandella’s


No matter how much you complain about the lack of food choice, you’ll dream about them long after graduation.

You roll your eyes when someone talks about St. Francis only in reference to his love for animals


I mean, come on people, he was the first stigmatist, has a wild conversion story, and rebuilt the Church.

You’re totally cool with begging any stranger for a ride to Wal-Mart


Your freshman year lack-of-vehicle-rule desperation broke you of any pride.

You’ve trekked to class in the Arctic tundra


Because classes aren’t cancelled for anything.

You’ve dressed up for a dance in the JC … frequently


You should have bought stock in Goodwill based on how many costumes you’ve assembled from their inventory.

You’re way too comfortable talking about cervical mucus in public


NFP is awesome and you’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops.

You’ve been on a mission trip


Because all the cool kids are doing it.

You’re BFFs with a friar


The Men in Black are the most rad people you’ve ever met and you do a silent dance when your favorite priest is celebrating the Mass you’re attending.

You’ve sprinted out of morning Mass to be the first in line for the omelet station


No one makes eggs better than Butch.

You’ve been on a coffee date


Whether with a friend or a love interest, nothing opens conversation like a cup of joe.

You know all the rules of larping


And you kind of hate yourself for it.

Swing dancing is still a thrill for you


Now, you get to show off your moves at every wedding reception you attend.

You’ve been written up


Even if you’re the good girl, chances are you’ve been written up … and then later went to confession for it.

The friends you made there are the best you will ever have

Franciscan University

Because let’s face it … the people are the best part. 🙂


Guest written by Olivia Spears.

Olivia knows that Jesus can do anything. She was born and bred in Kentucky, where sweet tea and bourbon flow like milk and honey. She quickly returned there after graduating with Theology and Catechetics degrees from Franciscan University of Steubenville. Olivia is married to her high school best friend turned college sweetheart and they recently welcomed their first son. She spends her time teaching 7th graders about Christ and His Church, exploring the crunchy side of life, organizing anything she can get her hands on, and dancing in the moonlight. You can come along for the adventure at To The Heights.