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4 Catholic Things Only Catholic Can Say They Do

While all in great fun, there is a lot to the Catholic faith that if you aren’t raised Catholic, will get questioned. Here are a few of the things converts (or those who have yet to convert) might not quite understand on first hearing them.

1. Communion

We Eat the Body and Blood of Christ?! What?

2. Excited to Fess up to Our Sins

Following your first confession, regular confession is required of all Catholics. Once you are in the habit, you cannot wait for that feeling of freedom as you stand in line, because nothing beats those post-confession highs of starting over with a clean slate.

3. Bodies on Display

While you visit various churches, you’ll regularly see little reliquaries full of pieces of not just things saints owned or touched, but actual BONES. If you are really lucky, you might even see a full body of a saint on display!

4. Vacation Planning Around Mass

What time is that flight, check it against www.masstimes.org . Hmmmmmm, are there any other flights later?

It might actually help to have a book on hand just laying around for anyone with questions about our faith to pick up at their leisure (or curiosity) with quick explanations of all things catholic. In fact, that’s the name of the book! Grab your copy of All things Catholic here!

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