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5 Lessons All Catholic Must Learn From the Magi this Epiphany

1. Creation points to the Creator

With all the false religions out there, it’s easy to become overly cautious at the idea of letting nature leading us to God. But there is always something to learn about a creator from his creation. In fact the Bible tells us that nature sings and worships and points to God to the level where no one has an excuse not to realize there is a creator! The wise men read the signs, loaded up and left to seek the one true King.

2. Never give up

The wise men likely knew this was going to be quite a journey, and caravan or not, it wouldn’t have been very comfortable. Traveling with a star as your GPS is nothing new, but it also wouldn’t have been easy. They had all types of terrain, and the journey likely took years . . . and they didn’t even have ibuprofen to ease any aches or pains that come with a long journey.

3. Host give gifts, too

The magi knew their etiquette, always come with a host gift! They came with items that were both rich and worthy of a King as well as practical and spiritually significant. Each gift was a tip to the present, gold for a King. Frankincense for worship. Myrrh for future provision for the best burial.

4. Don’t tip off the mad-man

I wonder if anyone made the wisemen feel foolish in their quest? Did they tell everyone who asked what their mission was? Were they excited and passionate or did they tell few and that few included a fellow king who took them in? We know that the wisemen were manipulated by the evil mad king, which leads me to think that they didn’t have loose tongues, but thought him well meaning. The consequences were devastating. Never mind that their journey could have been much shorter in time and distance, finishing their Journey in Bethlehem instead of (likely) Egypt. Due to the tip off, the first lives ever lost for the sake of our Lord, the massacre of the Holy Innocents, was set into play when the mad king desperately attempted to retain power by killing all the male babies in the area the wisemen were heading.

5. Don’t Let Guilt Keep You From God

Can you imagine their guilt? I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking they needed to stop their journey right then and there in full out mourning. Of course the wisemen knew what happened, they were heading to that region and suddenly there are no young males and the town is in shock and mourning. Yet, they continued their journey. The star still shown, so they still followed until they eventually landed at the humble doorstep of the displaced Holy Family.

This Christmas, don’t let anything keep you from Jesus. Not evil men. Not fear. Not hardship or uncomfortable situations. Not what you did on purpose or accident. Not what you failed to do. Whatever it is that is keeping you from your next step in your journey to or with Christ, tackle it with the strength of the wisemen and keep on seeking Him.

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