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8 Common Sense Reasons Going to Daily Mass is a Great Idea

Every day? Shouldn’t that say “8 Reasons Why You Should Go To Mass Every Sunday?” While, yes, of course you should go to Mass every Sunday, the Church also celebrates Mass every other day out of the year other than Good Friday. So why not stop in? I can seriously change your life, and here’s why:


1. The Eucharist every. single. day.

cYou get to receive Jesus Christ through the Eucharist every single day at daily Mass. There’s really no better reason than that.


2. Forgiveness of sins

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At the beginning of every Mass, including daily Mass, you repent of your sins, and the Eucharist wipes away your venial sins. This is true for Sunday Mass as well, but this also gives you the opportunity to be cleansed every single day. (That doesn’t mean you don’t need to go to Confession anymore, though.)


3. Resisting sin


Receiving the Eucharist at daily Mass strengthens your spiritual life and makes it easier to fight the temptation to sin.


4. More time in prayer


Going to daily mass creates a structure in your life based around a time when you know you will have the opportunity to pray.


5. It’s shorter 


Don’t worry about your hectic schedule. Daily Mass is shorter on weekdays, so it’s easier to fit into a busy schedule. There’s only one reading before the Gospel and there’s usually no music, which cuts down on time a lot more than you might think. Unless it’s a holy day of obligation, daily Mass is around 20 to 30 minutes.


6. It’s convenient


Many churches offer daily Mass before 9:00 a.m. or at 12:00 p.m. so people go either before work or during lunch hour. Go to daily Mass!


7. Eventually, you’ll read nearly the whole Bible


If you go often enough, you get to read the majority of the Bible. While Sunday liturgy readings go through a three year cycle, the daily Mass readings cycle is only two years. While there’s definitely parts of the Bible left out of the lectionary cycle completely, you will get to read more of it than if you just went to Sunday Mass. Go to daily Mass!


8. More Saints!


You get to celebrate the feast days of more saints. Most people remember the feast days of St. Valentine and St. Patrick and even St. Joseph and St. Francis, but did you know that St. Agnes’ day is on January 21? Get to daily Mass!