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God Wants You To Know These 8 Essential Facts

There are not over a hundred people in the United States who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions, however, who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church – which is, of course, quite a different thing. — Fulton Sheen, Radio Replies

While some Catholics may know where the Catholic Church stands on big issues, they don’t know where to go to prove the answer.  Meanwhile, those who aren’t Catholic can be confused as to what the Church teaches and are in search of clear answers.

Not many authors have used the Bible, the Catechism, and the writings of the Church fathers and founders to teach about the New Evangelization and how to form ourselves as Catholics. But John LaBarbara does just that in his new book, Knowing God’s Love: Eight Essential Truths Every Catholic Should Know,  published by Sophia Institute Press.

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LaBarbara’s book gathers all of the sources together for easy reference and quick learning. This book expertly teaches what the Catholic Church teaches, and more importantly, why  the Church teaches it.

Check out these eight truths that LaBarbara’s book covers! Do you know these truths as a Catholic? If not, LaBarbara’s book is for you!


1. God is Love

There is only one God, but God is Trinitarian, making ‘He’ a ‘We.’ Because God is relational, He is the very definition of love.  In this chapter, LaBarbara uses the Bible, the writings of Saint Pope John Paul II and the Catechism to answer the question of who God really is.


2. Man is created in God’s image

Each human being who walks on this earth is a reflection of the amazing love of God.  Because God is relational and Trinitarian, this means that we as humans best reflect God when we are in relationships, marriage, or friendships.


3. God desires us

God wants all of His children to be gathered back to Him in Haven.  The best way to enter into His love is through the beauty, truth and communion found in the Catholic Church.


4. To work is to share in God’s creation

When God created the universe, He had to work to create something from nothing.  As His creation, human beings are called to work through human relationships, intellectual and physical work opportunities, and providing for others. LaBarbara talks about our responsibilities regarding the widowed, orphaned and disabled in this chapter as well.


5. Charity is required to love God and man

Since God is love, human beings are called to reflect that love to others around them. But the virtue of Charity is necessary for a love the calls us out of ourselves and into the service of others.


6. Catholic social teaching is rooted in truth

Anything humans are called to do in charity should be rooted in a desire to love others and seek the truth.  Acts of charity must be done for the greatest good of one’s neighbors, and sometimes this requires as sense of flexibility and meeting people where they are at.


7. Governing requires prudence for real charity to occur

The role of the government is to improve and promote safety, provide security in order that people may work, and create in an environment where people can live, work, play, give and help others without a sense of fear.


8. We are responsible for reflecting God’s love in public life

Catholics are called to support politicians and government policies that promote the good of all human beings at all stages of life – this allows for the practice of true Christian charity.

Each chapter of the book ends with a bullet point summary so that each teaching is easy to share with friends, family, fellow Catholics, or anyone searching for the truth and beauty of Catholicism. Check it out today!

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