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8 Ways to Support the Walk for Life West Coast

Walk for Life West Coast is right around the corner! Wondering how you can support this amazing march? Here are eight ways to lend a hand (and a prayer!) to this great cause.


1. Attend

The best way to support the Walk For Life West Coast is to go to the Walk for Life! Make some banners, read the guidelines, find transportation/lodging – “walk the walk” if you will.

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2. Donate

Unable to attend but able to support the walk financially? AWESOME!! Click here to make a donation.


3.  Talk the talk, announce the walk

Use all your avenues available to spread the word about the Walk For Life West Coast on social media. You can start by sharing this post! Talk about the march with your coworkers, student, peers, family, and church. See if you can get information to your parish to post in the bulletin or in announcements or their own social media pages.

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4. Be a spiritual warrior

Spiritual warfare is a battlefield not to be entered in lightly upon. Really commit to pray for the safety, words, actions, travel, and outcome of all those who are attending, planning, setting up, speaking, doing the sound equipment, photographing, or social media coverage. Don’t forget to pray for the conversion of any who might be against the mission of the walk. Don’t know what prayers to pray? The St Michael the Archangel prayer would be a great place to begin.


5. Represent

Did you know there is gear just for the walk? If you don’t have that in time, pull out your latest hoodie or prolife t-shirt and sport it around town for a few days.

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6. Support the other Walk/March for Life going on around the country

Did you know the March for Life Chicago already happened? March for Life DC just wrapped up! Pray in support, share on social media, and pray for the travel plans being consistently changed due to weather. Maybe look and see if you could get interest in your own area to do a walk of your own. Not enough time this year? Start planning for next year!


7. Pray for the secular media

Its no secret that if 10 people with the opposite mission were to make a stand, the media would be right there. However, hundreds of thousands in some of the largest cities of America are all but ignored year after year. Pray for the hearts and conversion of those in secular media, that they would change their agenda driven news to fair coverage.

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8. Get creative

What are other ways we can support the upcoming Walk for Life West Coast? Get creative with your gifts and talents, and shoot us a comment to let us know what you do!