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A Better Prayer Life in 3 Easy Suggestions

Prayer is where relationship with God becomes real. Taking the time pray each day helps us to get to know the heart of God. There are a variety of ways to pray, and all are unique. The most important part about praying is to do it daily. This helps us to love God more. It also helps us to do his will. Here are simple ways to develop a better prayer life.

Morning prayer

Praying a morning offering prayer to God upon waking is a beautiful way to start the day with the lord. A simple recognition and time to give thanks and praise helps to direct the intention for the day. Morning prayer does not need to be lengthy. It can be a short offering. This offering is a way to be assured of God’s presence all through the day. It is a way to place one’s confidence in his providence.


The rosary is a prayer of the gospel. It is made through the intercession of the blessed mother, Mary. The mysteries of the rosary help us to meditate on Christ’s life. Each decade helps us to draw our hearts to that mystery. Daily rosary is a way to develop a better prayer life. It is also wonderful to pray the rosary as a family. Rosaries can be prayed at any time. Pray a rosary in the car, at home, with friends, or at church. The rosary is a very special prayer devoted to our lady. It is a beautiful habit to pray a daily rosary.


Attending Sunday Mass is an obligation of the church. The Mass is the highest form of prayer. We receive the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ at Mass. This is a profound gift. Attending daily Mass is another way to offer divine prayer to our lord. It is a gift from God every time we receive the eucharist. Prayers after communion are a way, we can offer our personal intentions to the lord. Mass is a blessing as we are in full communion with the entire church and the communion of saints.

These are ways to develop a deeper prayer life. They are simple, but profound. As we take the time to appreciate prayer, we will become closer to Jesus. We can offer the lord the gift of ourselves back to him in prayer. The most important aspect of prayer is to never give up praying. Continue to pray at each moment, and get to know the heart of God.

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